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Non-Whites Make Up Half of Post-Millennial Generation: Study

Latinx post-Millennials represent the future of American voters. Democrats need to pay attention for 2020 and beyond.


A new Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data finds that the "post-Millennial" generation, which are those born after 1996, "is already the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, as a bare majority of 6-to 21-year-olds (52%) are non-Hispanic whites."

The only population of youth that has grown substantially since the age of the Baby Boomers in 1968 is Latinx. They were born in the U.S. and go to college before entering the workforce.

In the 2018 midterm elections, millions more Latinx voted than in 2014.

According to Pew, "Latinos made up an estimated 11 percent of all voters nationwide on Election Day, nearly matching their share of the U.S. eligible voter population."

Exit polls for the midterms this year said 67% of youth overall voted for a House Democratic candidate and just 32% for a House Republican candidate, according to The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement.

Thirty-eight women of color — Black, Latinx, Native American — won seats of real power—including the youngest Congresswoman, Alexandria Oscario-Cortez, 29, a Latina.

However, Democrats lost Texas and Florida because they didn't pay attention to voter decline among Latinx (36.5 percent) across the country.

Pews' analysis on changing demographics correlates with author Steve Phillips' discussion in "Brown Is the New White," which explains that people of color and white progressive voters are America's new majority.

Democratic candidates of color and women (Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama) have outperformed previous candidates in statewide elections in Florida and Georgia over the last 20 years, Phillips wrote in a recent New York Times column. Abrams garnered more votes than any other Democrat in Georgia's history.

Phillips says Obama's playbook is what wins: mobilization over persuasion, along with inspiring people of all races to vote, and being strong in their positions on racism, Medicaid expansion, criminal justice reform and gun control.

"Yes, the strategy of mobilizing voters of color and progressive whites is limited by the demographic composition of particular states. But what Mr. Obama showed twice is that it works in enough places to win the White House. And that is exactly the next electoral challenge."

Phillips said, "These campaigns laid the groundwork for future Democratic success, because the thousands of volunteers, operatives and new voters will pay dividends for the 2020 Democratic nominee."

Reader Question: Do you think the 2020 candidates will tailor their approach to meet the demands of a diverse generation?

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Prudential's landmark study on millennials provides answers.

How will our world change? Will technology become more disruptive or just a part of life?
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First Baptist Church in Charleston, S.C.

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PwC Survey: Millennials Mature with Their Finances

"Millennials are no longer the start-up generation; they're settling down, buying homes, and having children," said Kent E. Allison, leader of PwC's Employee Financial Education and Wellness practice.

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A Look At Nielsen's Millennial Media Advisors Report

The company sat down with some of the Nielsen associates who created the report to discuss key insights.

As Nielsen (No. 41 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) put the finishing touches on its new Millennials on Millennials report, which examines the media habits of U.S. Millennials, the company sat down with some Nielsen associates from this generation who created the report to discuss some key insights; and see how their own behavior measures up to those detailed in the report.

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Country Headed on 'Wrong Track' with Trump: Poll

Millennials also cite feelings of disgust and fear following Trump's victory on Election Day.

People protest against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump as electors gather to cast their votes for U.S. president at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, December 19, 2016. / REUTERS

The majority of millennials believe America is headed down the wrong track with the election of Donald Trump, according to a report released by GenForward on Tuesday.

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Free College Tuition for Households With Less Than $125k Household Income

New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo picks up Bernie's promise.

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On Tuesday, one of former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders' hallmark campaign promises became more of a reality in the state of New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a plan that would provide free tuition to any of New York's public universities for citizens whose family earns less than $125,000 per year.

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Millennials, Manufacturers Mesh on Manufacturing Day at Toyota Bodine Aluminum

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LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton: Will Other Millennials Follow His Lead?

James, who is said to be living the "quintessential Millennial Dream," brings focus to a critical swing state — Ohio.

James, who is said to be living the "quintessential Millennial Dream," brings focus to a critical swing state — Ohio.

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Millennials Balance Hopeful Aspirations, Harsh Economic Realities

EY and EIG Release National Study Examining Millennials and the Economy

EY (No. 3 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list) and the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) today released a new national survey of Millennials gauging their views on a variety of issues related to the economy, education, American institutions, and the challenges they continue to face almost seven years into the recovery from the Great Recession. The results reveal a generation convinced the economy is failing them, a generation that is willing to work hard to better their lot, and a generation experiencing a great deal of anxiety about the future. Many Millennials entered the workforce in the midst of a deep economic crisis and today find themselves racked by student debt and lacking confidence in most American institutions.

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