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The Informal Sisterhood: Why Women of Color Bond Through the Barriers

“These women have walked a mile in my shoes, they understand the struggle,” says Michelle Gadsden-Williams, Managing Director of Inclusion and Diversity for North America at Accenture, and panelist at DiversityInc’s 2018 Women of Color and Their Allies event. Produced by: Alana WinnsVideography by: Christian Carew editsharetrending_up

Accenture's Michelle Gadsden-Williams: Be the Architect of Your Career Journey

Michelle Gadsden-Williams leads Accenture’s(No. 14on theDiversityInc Top 50 Companieslist) inclusion and diversity initiatives in North America. Responsible for further strengthening and accelerating the company’s efforts to foster an inclusive culture, she talked with DiversityInc about her career and offered valuable advice. All Paths Led to Diversity and Inclusion “Diversity and…