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Forging resilience in Georgia’s schools

Originally Published by Kaiser Permanente Teachers and principals across the country are increasingly aware of the importance of addressing their students’ mental health and wellness, but it’s far less common for them to focus on their own mental and emotional well-being and that of their colleagues. John Madden Jr., principal…

Jarrid Wilson

Church Leader and Mental Health Advocate Jarrid Wilson Kill Himself

Jarrid Wilson was a well-known California megachurch leader and mental health advocate. He killed himself at age 30 on Monday after tweeting multiple messages about depression and his faith. Wilson was a preacher at the megachurch Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif. He also helped co-found the mental health nonprofit…

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Hosea Chanchez Opens Up About Sexual Abuse

Actor Hosea Chanchez, who portrayed Malik Wright on the widely successful BET show The Game, disclosed via Instagram that he had been molested as a teenager. As he shared a very personal photo from his childhood, Chanchez opened up about the trauma of being sexually molested by his friend’s father…

Donald Neely

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Demands Galveston, Texas Police Department Release Bodycam Footage of Mounted White Officers Leading Black Man With Rope

A photo of two mounted white Galveston, Texas police officers leading a handcuffed Black man with a rope evoked imagery of Antebellum-era slave catchers for many, sparking an outrage last week that led the Galveston Police Chief to issue a public apology to the suspect, Donald Neely, and his family….

Will Mental Health Days Soon Be a Reality?

We all joke that we need a mental health day. Well, for students in Utah and Oregon, they are now permitted to take one. Both western states have recently passed legislation that builds mental health days into students’ school year. Both states have seen their suicide rates rising. Since the…