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CBS Denies Les Moonves $120M Severance Package

An investigation found there were grounds to terminate Moonves for cause.

CBS former chairman and chief executive Leslie Moonves will not receive his $120 million severance package.

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In A D*** Move, Feminist Apparel CEO Fires Entire Staff After They Discovered He Was Sexual Abuser

Misogyny and patriarchy, ironically, reign at Feminist Apparel. A mind boggling story.

Alan Martofel- Instagram

After the staff at Feminist Apparel discovered the founder admitted to being sexually abusive to women, they asked for his resignation. Less than two weeks later, they were fired.

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Golden Globes: A Stunning Lack of Gender and Ethnic Diversity

Oprah says, "A new day is on the horizon," but results show that horizon may be on Mars.


The 2018 Golden Globes Awards placed a huge focus on sexual harassment awareness taking the entertainment industry by storm. But diversity once again took the backseat as nearly all white winners accepted awards.

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Sexual Harassment Protest Planned for Golden Globe Awards

"TIME'S UP" pins to be worn by a diverse group of actors.


This year's most fashionable look at the Golden Globe Awards will not be from the runway.

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