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Walgreens Security Guard Fatally Shoots Young Black Man, Charged With Murder

Donald Vincent Ciota II shot 21-year-old Jonathan Hart in the back as he ran away.

Jonathan Hart

A Black, gay young man, who happened to be homeless, was shot and killed by a security guard inside of a Walgreens in Hollywood, Calif., on Dec. 2.

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Maxine Waters' Office Evacuated Due to 'Anne Thrax' Package

Amid recent death threats against the congresswoman, a package suspected to contain Anthrax wasn't taken lightly.


Someone noticed a suspicious package sent to Rep. Maxine Waters' (D-Calif.) district office in South Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon addressed to "Anne Thrax." As Waters has recently received death threats, the authorities were contacted.

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'Justice Fund' to Cover Legal Costs for Immigrants Facing Deportation

Major cities are going up against President-elect Donald Trump's hardline immigration policies, including Los Angeles, which said it will set up a $10 million "L.A. Justice Fund" for the cause.


Cities across the country have agreed to cover legal fees for immigrants who now face deportation following President-elect Donald Trump's victory on Election Day. Notably, Los Angeles will have a $10 million fund dedicated to legal assistance in response to Trump's "dangerous rhetoric," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced.

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Black Artists Host Events to Show Unity with Law Enforcement

Rappers The Game and Snoop Dogg have joined with Los Angeles mayor and police chief to show unity in a time of tension and violence between Black community and police.

The Game, Eric Garcetti, Big Boy (a local radio DJ who attended the event), Rizza Islam and Tony Muhammad on Sunday. Photo from The Game's Instagram account

In a time of violent and tense relations between law enforcement and Black citizens, celebrities in the Black community are using their status as role models to show their solidarity with police and community leaders.

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