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California Corporate Diversity Law Ruled Unconstitutional

In a disappointing blow to all DEI professionals, a California law known as AB 979 has been ruled unconstitutional by a judge in the state. The law was designed to increase representation of underrepresented communities (including individuals who self-identify as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American,…

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In First Full Week of 2022, Lawmakers in At Least 7 States Propose New Anti-Trans Legislation

Although 2021 was dubbed by many, including the Human Rights Campaign. as the “worst year in recent history for LGBTQ state legislative attacks,” many equality and advocacy experts warn 2022 appears to be getting off with an equally hate-filled start.  Matt Lavietes of NBC News reported that “throughout the first…

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House Passes COVID–19 Hate Crimes Act Intended to Help Combat Ongoing Wave of Anti-Asian Violence within the US

The COVID–19 Hate Crimes Act was approved by the House of Representatives on May 18 by a vote of 364-62. The bill, which was designed to address the increase in hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, had already been approved by the Senate last month….