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Workplace Diversity: Is Hiring Only Gay Men Unfair

Workplace diversity challenged by reverse discrimination A shipping company lost a $1-million verdict after a manager only wanted to hire gay men. What can you learn Discrimination: Gender, Transgender and Sexual Orientation Company accused of hiring only gay men loses $1-million verdict.Three women filed a discrimination charge against a shipping…

Is 'The Bachelor' Racist ABC Sued for Discrimination

By Stacy Straczynski It’s the question that has landed the “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” and its TV network, ABC, in the middle of a racial-discrimination lawsuit, which is reportedly the first lawsuit filed against a reality show. The case: After 10 years and a collective 23 seasons, neither “The…

From Civil Rights to Global Human Rights

Raymond M. Brown’s life work fighting global human-rights violations started in a low-income housing project in Jersey City, N.J. Brown will speak about human rights, values and the implication on global business at DiversityInc’s April 2425 event. His values and priorities were set early on by his father, Raymond A….

Is Professor's 'Hi, Sweetie' Comment Sexual Harassment

Diversity and inclusion sensitivity caused a university to overreact by firing chin-chucking professor for harassment.A state appeals court ruled that a university did not have the foundation to fire a tenured male professor for sexual harassment. He had approached his department chair in the lounge area, said “Hi, sweetie,” and…

Protect Young Employees From Harassment

Bob Gregg, a partner in Boardman Law Firm, shares his roundup of diversity-related legal issues. He can be reached at rgregg@boardmanlawfirm.com. The child-labor duties and hour restrictions are not the only concerns regarding employment of teenagers. There are a growing number of cases involving sexual harassment and other abusive-environment issues….