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'Hurts Like Crazy': Jemel Roberson's Mother on the Death of Her Son

The choir at his funeral wore black T-shirts with "SECURITY, #Justice For Jemel" printed on front.

Screenshot of CBS Chicago broadcast

Beatrice Roberson, the mother of Jemel Roberson, a security guard who was shot and killed by Midloathian police after detaining a shooter at a bar, said her son "died doing what he loved," and that the loss "hurts like crazy."

"He was a good person, he had a good heart," she said during his funeral at House of Hope.

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Black Man Assaulted and Called N-Word Just Days Before a KKK and Neo-Nazis Rally in D.C.

Ketchazo Paho, an African immigrant, suffered a head injury.

Ketchazo Paho; Photo credit: Lee Merritt/FACEBOOK

In the nation's capital, Maxim Smith, who is white, bashed a Black man, Ketchazo Paho, in the head with a bicycle lock. The wound was so deep that he needed 18 stitches.

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