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Russell Simmons Has to Face His Accuser in Court

Simmons previously said: "I vehemently deny all the [rape] allegations made against me."

A judge has determined that hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons, will indeed have his day in court to face one of the women accusing him of rape.

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Black Restaurant Owner Arrested for Helping Unconscious White Woman Sues NYPD

"You're not a physician or any s--- like that tonight," an NYPD supervisor told Dr. Clyde Pemberton.

Dr. Clyde Pemberton, a Black restaurant owner and retired psychiatrist in Harlem, sued the NYPD for his arrest after he helped an unconscious white woman in his restaurant.

When Pemberton tried to tell the white supervisor from the 28th precinct that he was a doctor, the officer interrupted him:

"You're not a physician or any s--- like that tonight," Pemberton recalled.

The federal lawsuit is claiming a #WhileBlack moment— removal of the right to be a professional and business owner.

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Photo courtesy of Army Times

The U.S. Army has reinstated more than 30 recruits it discharged from a program created to fill high-demand positions in exchange for a fast track to citizenship, according to federal court documents filed on Monday.

But the reinstatement is only temporary.

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Justin Sullivan- Getty Images

Noel Cintron, President Trump's former personal driver of 25 years, filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization yesterday. He claims he was not paid for thousands of hours of overtime and that he was only given two raises within a span of 15 years- one of which required that he sacrifice his health insurance in order to receive the pay increase.

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Only Black People are Racist, Civil Rights Made Them Lazy, Says Big Trump Donor

A former employee has filed a lawsuit against Robert Mercer, who said the Civil Rights Act of 1964 "infantilized" Blacks by dissuading them from working.


One of Donald Trump's biggest financial backers is facing a lawsuit alleging a series of racially charged comments he made to a former employee, including that the only racist people in America are Blacks, being given equal rights under the law made Blacks lazy and segregation was not an important issue.

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NJ Transit Settles $3.65 Million Discrimination Suit

Complaints include supervisors using racial slurs, with one putting a noose around a worker's neck.

NJ Transit Train

NJ Transit recently settled a $3.65 million racial discrimination lawsuit with seven former African American employees, who cited racial insults from supervisors as the cause for legal action.

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NO RAMP FOR YOU! American Airlines Humiliates Passenger With Disabilities

Passenger forced to crawl to her seat, will sue.

By Kaitlyn D'Onofrio

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Walmart Steps Up for Comedian Tracy Morgan in Settlement

The multinational corporation does right by the comic in taking responsibility for the truck crash that injured Tracy Morgan and killed Morgan's friend.

Sam Aronov /

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Fraternity Ousted Over Racist Chant Lawyers Up

The booted Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter considers legal action against the University of Oklahoma and the school's president.

By Michael Nam

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What Kind of CEO Worries About What Underwear and Cologne You Wear While the Stock Declines by Half?

Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO is in the public eye for questionable expenditures and outrageous personal demands. And all this while his company's stock keeps falling.

Although Abercrombie & Fitch's stock has taken a 55.2-percent nosedive year-over-year, it doesn't seem to have bothered CEO Mike Jeffries. He's been living like a celebrity with his own private jet and a crew of male-model flight attendants that wait on him and his three dogs.

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$1.15-Billion Black-Farmers Lawsuit Is Case Study in Diversity-Management Mistakes

A famous discrimination lawyer shows how lack of diversity management led to the hefty discrimination-lawsuit settlement from the Department of Agriculture.

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