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LGBTQ protection in schools

US Education Department Issues Statement Confirming Title IX Protects LGBTQ Students Against Discrimination

Following an executive order from President Joe Biden directing federal agencies to defend LGBTQ students against discrimination, the Education Department has issued an official statement saying that Title IX does indeed ensure equal protection for LGBTQ students under federal law. Jo Yurcaba of NBC News reported that the Department of…

LGBTQ families

The US State Department Eliminates Policy That Denied Citizenship to Some Children of Same-Sex Couples

For years, many children born abroad to married same-sex couples have been denied U.S. citizenship. The government claimed that if the child didn’t have a biological tie to a parent who is an American citizen, their request for citizenship was invalid. But on May 18, that heartbreaking and unjust policy…

judge bans gay panic defense

Virginia Becomes 12th State in Country to Ban LGBTQ ‘Panic’ as a Defense in Assault and Murder Trials

“Gay panic” or “trans panic” is a common legal defense in many trials for violent crimes and murders where the perpetrator claims they were driven into a violent rage and temporarily went “insane” after discovering the sexuality or gender identity of the person they attacked, thereby allowing the assailant to…