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'You Will Be Wiped Out,' Says White Woman to Latina in Phoenix: Video

"I prefer the whole freakin' nation to be white," the woman says.

Screenshot of video; photo of Lennys Bermudez (FACEBOOK)

Lennys Bermudez was at a restaurant in north Phoenix when a white customer assailed her with racist comments, reflective of today's "political climate," Bermudez said.

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Motel 6 to Pay Millions in Settlement for Giving Guest Lists to ICE

Latino guests were the main targets, and individual checks aren't nearly enough for the "inconvenience."

Motel 6 has agreed to pay at least $7.6 million to settle a class-action lawsuit after multiple locations of the hotel chain surrendered guest lists to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

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Trump Shares Latest Racist and Xenophobic Midterm Ad

"This is distracting, divisive Donald at his worst," said Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

President Trump tweeted a video on Wednesday with the following commentary: "It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our country. Vote Republican now! http://Vote.GOP."

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Democrats in Midterm Jeopardy Over Poor Outreach to Latinos

Failure to directly address concerns leads to weak support. Races in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida, states with growing Hispanic populations, are bungled.


Democrats are struggling to secure the Latino vote in the midterm elections because the party did not engage Latino voters strongly enough.

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Voter Registration Deadline for 15 States Today

"Do not assume you are properly registered to vote," warns activist Shaun King.


"Do not assume you are properly registered to vote," warned Shaun King repeatedly. His wife went to vote with her registration card in her hand, and they said she couldn't vote. King said some of the reasons that people are being turned away are nefarious.

Fifteen states close registration today, including Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. States that do not have online registration: Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, and Texas.

A list of every state's deadline and links to each state's voting requirements was published by the New York Times.

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Latino Man Called Racial Slurs at Chicago Cubs Game: Video

Racial slurs hurled in bleachers on Hispanic Heritage Night resulted in a brawl.


The Chicago Cubs might have broken their long drought of world series titles but they have not changed their racist fan base.

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Inspiring Words of Wisdom for Latina Women and Immigrants

"Take advantage of the excellent resources and tools available to you," says Corporate Finance Manager, Elsa Carballo

Produced by: Alana Winns
Videography by: Christian Carew

Latino Employees Fired in Miami for Being Too Latino

Company leadership says loud, sexy, Hispanic employees with ethnic mannerisms are not allowed.


Former employees at Swire Properties filed a lawsuit in August against the company claiming they were fired because there was no place for "Hispanic Emotionalism" at work.

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Rookie Cops Call Latino Man 'Fake American,' Brutally Beat Him and Get Arrested

Videos proved the officers lied about the series of events.

John Galman and Spencer Sutton, two officers in the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), were arrested after an off-duty fight with a Latino man that sent him to the hospital. The department has also begun termination proceedings as the two lied about what happened.

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'Darth Becky' Calls a Latino American Citizen 'Rapist' and 'Animal': Video

Video gone viral with more than 5 million views. Darth Becky credits Trump as her source for "facts" about Latinos.

Roll call: BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and now Darth Becky — white women caught on video being racist.

This week, a video has gone viral of an unidentified white woman going off on a racist rant against a Latino man and his mother. The woman, now pegged "Darth Becky," said she hated them because they are "Mexican."

Esteban Guzman and his mother were clearing a backyard in Running Springs, which is located more than 50 miles east of Los Angeles, on Saturday. Guzman was born in California and has a full-time job in IT as a systems administrator but works in construction on weekends to supplement his income, according to The Guardian. He happened to be helping his Mexican-born mother that day.

In the video, the woman approaches the two, gets close to Guzman and points her finger in his face. Guzman's mother filmed the incident.

"Why do you hate us?" Guzman can be heard saying.

"Because you're Mexican," the woman responded.

"We're honest people right here," he said.

"You're rapists, and animals," she said. "Drug dealers, rapists and animals."

The woman also mentioned President Trump in her rant.

"I don't like to play the blame game," Guzman told the New York Daily News. "Just because the president of the United States says something, it does not give you the right to act like him."

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump gained supporters by calling Mexicans rapists and committing to building a wall between Mexico and the U.S. In May, he referred to some people deported from the U.S. as "animals."

Last week, amid the border crisis ushered in by the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy, he tweeted that immigrants will "infest our country." Trump continues his rhetoric that immigrants are criminals, even though they are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans.

"She was yelling at my mom [to] go back to Mexico," Guzman told The Guardian of the woman's actions.

"I was like hey, what's the problem? And she said we were all illegals. I told her: 'I'm a United States citizen.' And she obviously she didn't believe me."

Video: Rep. Cummings Says What Every Non-Bigoted American Thinks About Trump's 'Zero Tolerance' Policy

"We will not keep kids in internment camps," declared Cummings."This is the United States of America."

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) expressed what compassionate, non-bigoted Americans feels about the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy on immigration — "We are better than that."

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Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, said that slain civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be "proud" of what President Donald Trump has done for Blacks and Latinos in the U.S.

Bannon was the CEO of Trump's presidential campaign. Trump gained supporters by calling Mexicans rapists, committing to building a wall between Mexico and the U.S., allowing Black people to be physically assaulted at his rallies and lightly disavowing the support of white supremacists.

"Martin Luther King ... he would be proud of what Donald Trump has done for [the] Black and Hispanic working class, okay?" Bannon said on "This Week" Sunday.

On Sunday, King's daughter, Bernice King, CEO of The King Center, re-tweeted a post from The Washington Post reporter Eugene Scott who referenced a similar claim Bannon had made previously. She included a response, simply stating: “Absolutely not."

In May, King tweeted:

Bannon said in March at an event with far-right French politicians that they should "wear" accusations of racism "as a badge of honor."

Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes," he said. “Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor. Because every day, we get stronger and they get weaker."

Bannon said on Sunday that he was “talking specifically about Donald Trump and his policies."

“His economic nationalism doesn't care about your race, your religion, your gender, your sexual preference," he said.

The Trump administration's “zero tolerance" immigration policy is currently separating children of undocumented immigrants from their mothers and fathers.

King tweeted on Sunday:

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