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With Weeks to Live, Charles Krauthammer Posts Farewell Column

Our journalist, Frank Kineavy, helps us understand Krauthammer's legacy — and what a powerful role model he is to everyone excelling in their career (who has a disability).


For nearly 30 years Charles Krauthammer has been one of the most stoic and prolific political commentators of his time. First a columnist at the New Republic and the Washington Post, later a talking head for Fox News, this conservative pundit has gained national admiration for his ability to express his opinion in an unapologetic yet dignified manner.

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Bill Maher Only Apologizes for Racist Remark After Backlash

Calling his use of the N-word "a joke" and giving a stale apology indicate Maher does not believe his actions warranted criticism at all.


Late-night host Bill Maher issued a cookie-cutter apology following his use of the N-word on his talk show Friday night — a lame follow-up to what he described as "a joke."

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