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House Passes COVID–19 Hate Crimes Act Intended to Help Combat Ongoing Wave of Anti-Asian Violence within the US

The COVID–19 Hate Crimes Act was approved by the House of Representatives on May 18 by a vote of 364-62. The bill, which was designed to address the increase in hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, had already been approved by the Senate last month….

'O'Reilly Factor' Chinatown Segment Called Racist by Lawmakers, Asian American Journalists

Bill O’Reilly, host of Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” is receiving backlash for a segment of his show where correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to New York City’s Chinatown to essentially perpetuate racist stereotypes. O’Reilly prefaces the “Watters’ World” segment by saying, “In the first presidential debate, China was mentioned 12…

Jeb Bush Insults Asians To Relieve Backlash from Latinos

Jeb Bush on Wednesday received more criticism for his “anchor babies” remarks, this time from Asian-American leaders who said Bush was insulting them to deflect from the backlash he was receiving from Hispanic voters. Bush first used the term during a radio interview last week in reference to children born…