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Tom Brokaw 'Apologizes' for Offensive Comments About Hispanics

"I am sorry, truly sorry, my comments were offensive to many," Brokaw posted on Twitter.

Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw "feels terrible" about comments he made regarding Hispanics.

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Man Who Threatens to Sic ICE on Spanish-Speaking People Identified

Aaron Schlossberg is a New York-based attorney, and it turns out he has a lot of problems and they're all well documented.

The man caught on video lashing out at people for speaking Spanish has been identified as attorney Aaron Schlossberg. Twitter users made the identification, and it is being widely reported that he is the man.

The good news is that a GoFundMe account has been set up to send a Mariachi band to Schlossberg's Manhattan office. According to the fundraiser, "Any leftover money will be used to send a delicious Taco Truck lunch to the staff and a copy of all federal and state statute mentioning undocumented immigrants do not qualify for welfare."

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Trump Won More Latino Votes than Romney in 2012

Unexpectedly, Latino voters in Florida, a critical state to win the election, favored Trump in a greater margin than in other states.

Donald Trump secured more Latino votes than Republican candidate Mitt Romney did in his 2012 presidential bid, reports show.

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U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Case of Juror's Racial Bias

"When racial prejudice infects a jury's decision whether to convict, the integrity of the criminal justice system is brought into direct question."

The Supreme Court will hear a case next month where justices will determine if racially charged comments during jury deliberations are grounds for breaking juror confidentiality.

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How to Drive out the Crucial Latino Vote

Latinos are the fastest growing group of eligible voters. NALEO Educational Fund is helping this group take action in the upcoming election.

According to Pew Research Center, the United States electorate for the 2016 election will be the most diverse ever, comprised of 31 percent eligible minority voters. The primary driving force in this number, up from 29 percent in 2012, is the 17 percent increase in eligible Latino voters.

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Trump Viciously Attacks 'Trump University' Judge with Racial Rant

Calls U.S.-born judge "Mexican" and a "hater" and Trump spokesperson says judge is "connected" to "criminal rallies."

During a campaign rally in San Diego on Friday, Trump personally attacked the federal judge overseeing the case in which he's accused of defrauding students through his failed Trump University venture, calling the judge "a hater" and a "very hostile" person who had "railroaded" him — then adding a jab that the judge is Mexican.

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Hollywood's Lack of Diversity Mocked by America Ferrera and Eva Longoria

Fans mock boneheaded Golden Globes tweet.

Actresses America Ferrera and Eva Longoria at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 10. Photo via YouTube.

By Sheryl Estrada

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Trump Invokes 'Operation Wetback' Mass Deportation; Latino Groups Say GOP Is 'Out of Touch'

During GOP debate Trump touted President Eisenhower's methods to deport undocumented immigrants "way south."

During Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate, front-runner Donald Trump explained how his mass deportation proposal is not unprecedented and actually feasible, referencing a program by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s that Trump said was effective in deporting more than 1 million people to Mexico and points south.

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University Apologizes for President's Offensive Costume Party

The University of Louisville issued an apology following university President James Ramsey's offensive Hispanic Halloween costumes.

The University of Louisville has offered an apology after its president hosted what has been deemed as a very offensive costume party last Wednesday.

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Kentucky Prosecutor: Being Hispanic 'Probable Cause' to be Pulled Over

Driving while Hispanic is a good enough reason to be pulled over, according to the prosecutor.

A Kentucky prosecutor has come under fire after saying that being Hispanic is probable cause for being pulled over.

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Rally Chants Sum It Up — Latino Protesters: 'Shame On You,' Trump Supporters: 'Keep Them Out'

Trump's Dallas arena event audience gives Trump a standing ovation for his anti-immigration views.

While Donald Trump was receiving cheers and vigorous applause for his comments on illegal immigration from a crowd of more than 15,000 inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas Monday night, nearly 2,000 Latinos had marched and gathered outside the arena to protest the GOP frontrunner for those very comments.

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Accenture's Ernie Cordova: Safeguarding the Future

The head of security for Accenture's Federal Services

Ernie, who started the security operation in Washington, D.C., for Accenture's federal operations when he joined the company in 1998, is also the executive sponsor of the Washington chapters of the company's LGBT and Hispanic employee-resource groups.

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