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3 Members of Racist Gang 'Proud Boys' Finally Arrested After Brutally Beating Protesters

The far-right men’s organization “Proud Boys” violently beat protesters Friday night following a Republican event in Manhattan. After inaction by the New York Police Department during the attack, three members of the racist gang were arrested — finally. Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes had just given a speech at the…

Law Firm Representing Kim Davis Deemed Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified the Liberty Counsel, the law firm representing Kentucky county Clerk Kim Davis, as a hate group, the Associated Press reported this week. According to Mark Potok, a senior official from the SPLC, the group has gone “way, way over the line.” Following the…

White Nationalists Receive Tax Breaks for Spreading Hate

By Sheryl Estrada A screen shot of a video by Kyle Rogers during a Council of Conservative Citizens National Conference, posted on YouTube. It may sound surprising, but apparently U.S. tax dollars support a white-nationalist hate group. According to The Center for Public Integrity, the Council of Conservative Citizens Inc….