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Rutgers University Makes History With New Law School Dean

Kimberly Mutcherson has broken through the glass ceiling in every way at Rutgers University.

Kimberly Mutcherson, a brilliant bioethicist and health law scholar, has made history by becoming the first woman, first African-American and first LGBTQ person to be named co-dean of Rutgers Law School in Camden, N.J.

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Asian Americans Scarce Among Silicon Valley Executives

A new report shows that while Asian Americans are well represented among the work force of five large tech firms, they remain underrepresented in leadership roles.

Photo by Shutterstock

By Michael Nam

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Study: Women Who Smile Less Could Be Promoted More

New research shows that cheerful women are not associated with leadership qualities.

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By Manuel McDonnell Smith

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Glass Ceilings? There Are Companies Without Them

Question: Why is it still so tough to break the glass ceiling and move up in a company even when totally or possibly more qualified than other candidates? Do HR managers not care to review hiring practices?

Luke Visconti's Ask the White Guy column is a top draw on Visconti, the founder and CEO of DiversityInc, is a nationally recognized leader in diversity management. In his popular column, readers who ask Visconti tough questions about race/culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age can expect smart, direct and disarmingly frank answers.

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