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Democracy in Color's Steve Phillips Shares His Perspective on Midterm Elections

There was an extraordinary turnout of people rallying for "the defender of white supremacy in the White House," said Phillips.

Author Steve Phillips speaking at a 2016 DiversityInc event.

By Keka Araujo and Sheryl Estrada

There's a multicultural progressive New American Majority that made its voice heard in Tuesday's midterm elections, according to Steve Phillips, a national political leader and civil rights lawyer.

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#MAGABomber is the Sole Follower of Two Right-Wing Facebook Pages ​

Once again, Facebook facilitates right-wing mayhem. The domestic terrorist followed "Killall Socialist" and "Killgeorge Soros."

Cesar Sayoc / FACEBOOK

Following Cesar Sayoc's arrest for sending more than a dozen parcel bombs to critics of President Donald Trump, Facebook removed his multiple accounts. Sayoc used the social media site to denigrate prominent Democrats like former President Obama and promoted conspiracy theories about billionaire political donor George Soros, the first to receive a package bomb this week.

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Black Man Suffering from Mental Health Illness Dies After Police Use Taser and Tackle Him in the Street

His sister, who said she left the U.S. to protect her Black son, never thought her brother would be the victim.

TWITTER/ @opalayo

Chinedu Valentine Okobi, 36, a Black man, father, Morehouse College graduate, uncle and brother died of cardiac arrest after San Mateo County police tackled and repeatedly used a Taser on him in Millibrae, south of San Francisco, Calif.

Okobi was struggling with mental illness and had been weaving in and out of traffic downtown on the busy street, El Camino Real.

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Screenshot via Facebook

UPDATE 10/12/2018: In proper Twitter fashion, amateur sleuths came out of the woodwork to ensure that the world would know the real person behind this atrocious act. Meet Teresa Sue Klein aka #CornerstoreCaroline. And apparently Teresa does have ties to the police. However, she was on the wrong end of the law and not an actual police officer. The gluteal-challenged woman has a criminal record and may even be a sex offender. Shame on her.

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Landlords Can Use Facebook to Discriminate Against Black People, Violates Fair Housing Act

"When Facebook uses the vast amount of personal data it collects to help advertisers to discriminate, it's the same as slamming the door in someone's face," said Anna María Farías of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Along with Facebook allowing Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, the social media company has created a space for property owners to discriminate against people of color, and the federal government had to step in.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has filed a new complaint against Facebook alleging it allows property owners and sellers to violate the Fair Housing Act.

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Christian School Says Black Girl's Hairstyle Isn't 'Natural,' Sends Her Home: Video

"My sister Faith and many little Black girls wear extensions ... the school sneakily added in a policy that no extensions, clip-ins or weaves are allowed," Steven Fennidy said in a Facebook post.

UPDATE: Aug. 29, 2018

After a social media video went viral showing Christ the King Elementary School student Faith Fennidy being sent home crying because the school rejected her hair extensions, the school announced on Monday it has withdrawn its policy that "Only the student's natural hair is permitted."

"School officials said when the issue arose, they immediately reviewed the policy and recognized that there may have been sensitivities that needed to be addressed," according to WDSU.

Fennidy and another student who showed up to Christ the King in Terrytown, La., with hair extensions are now able to return to school after their attorney filed an injunction.

"Neither family have yet to do so," reports WVUE.

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Reporter Uncovers What Marginalized Groups Knew All Along: Facebook Is Biased

Minority and marginalized Facebook users have been up in arms for years regarding the social media site's biased, censoring practices.

Facebook's biased acts of censorship have been a thorn in the sides of its liberal minority and marginalized users for quite some time. In a twist of fate, Mark Zuckerberg was scrutinized by Jewish groups and anti-racism organizations for suggesting Holocaust denial should be allowed on Facebook because it could be unintentional.

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Black Man Films #PermitPatty Copycat Calling Cops on a Street Vendor: 'Let’s Get Her Viral Also'

"Sorry guys, I have to ask for permits," the woman says to the camera.


Permit Patty, the name social media labeled Alison Ettel, a white woman who called the cops on a Black child last month in San Francisco because she was "illegally selling water without a permit," apparently has a copycat in the same city.

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Woman Calls 911 on Black Child Delivering Newspapers in Ohio Neighborhood

"Sad, I can't even teach my son the value of working without someone whispering and looking at us out the side of their eye," said Uriah Sharp's mother.

Yet again in Ohio, a woman calls the cops on a Black boy for doing an honest job in the neighborhood.

As 12-year-old Uriah Sharp walked up to homes in Upper Arlington on Friday to deliver newspapers, a neighbor watched him. It was obvious what he was doing, nevertheless, she became suspicious and notified Upper Arlington Police.

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'Shoot Them All at the Border,' Says White DMV Worker in Racist Facebook Post on Immigrants

The Oregon Department of Transportation has received phone calls from people around the world demanding the firing of Lori McAllen.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT) is internationally under fire as a DMV employee's racist comment on Facebook calling for immigrants who arrive at the U.S. border to be shot has gone viral.

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Russians Leveraged Fear of Blacks, Non-Christians, LGBT, Etc. to Excite Trump's Base of Haters

Russian-paid pro-Trump Facebook ads show a remarkably competent grasp of American right-wing culture, clearly mapping the soul of the Trump campaign.

Facebook's failure to prevent Russian operatives from using its technology for election meddling resulted in at least 3,000 U.S. political ads and 80,000 Facebook posts, which were seen by as many as 126 million Americans over two years.

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Black Lawmakers Slam Facebook For Ads Targeting BLM, Lack of Board Diversity

"These ads caused harm and additional resentment to young people who unselfishly fight for justice and equality for African Americans," said Rep. Cedric L. Richmond.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, and Vice President of global communications, marketing and public policy Elliot Schrage, on Capitol Hill, Oct. 12, 2017 / REUTERS

Facebook has come under fire by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) for absence of diversity in the boardroom — none of its eight board members are people of color — and for having allowed the Russian government to systematically use its platform to exploit the Black community.

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