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Federal Judge Rejects Trump's Plea to Detain Children Longer

Children's counsel said Trump made up the family separation requirement.


U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee of California said in her decision Monday not to amend Flores v. Reno and that "absolutely nothing" prevents President Trump from reconsidering their current blanket policy of family detention. And, Tuesday is the deadline for the administration to reunite children under five with families — but only half will have that opportunity.

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Trump to Reverse Obama-Era Guidelines on Considering Race in College Admissions

Trump's efforts to rescind the affirmative action guidelines just add to the trend to erase landmark accomplishments of the Obama legacy.

The Trump administration plans to toss an Obama-era guideline that encourages colleges and universities to consider race as a way of promoting diversity.

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REPORT: The Justice Department is a Diversity Disaster

A report released yesterday shows gender discrimination, harassment, macho culture and intimidation are rampant.


The Inspector General's review of the ATF, DEA, FBI and U.S. Marshals Service showed low percentages of female representation in leadership and promotions, underreporting of discrimination and harassment due to fear of retaliation and men who thought gender equity was "just fine."

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The Donald Trump presidency is great for business if you own a private prison.

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Trump Targets Immigrants to Take Heat Off Himself

Justice takes a backseat to ego as DOJ sets quotas on judges.


New York Congressman and former undocumented immigrant Rep. Adriano Espaillat, in his recent commentary on CNN, stated that President Donald Trump goes after the Dreamers and immigrants every time he feels Robert Mueller's heat, Stormy Daniels' heat or heat from his base.

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North Carolina, DOJ Trade Lawsuits Over 'Bathroom Law'

Both suits were announced Monday; Gov. McCrory calls federal government a "bully."

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory speaks on Fox News Sunday.

(UPDATE: Monday, May 9, 3:53 p.m.)

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Anti-Transgender Law Violates Civil Rights Act, Says Justice Department

The DOJ gave North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory until Monday to advise "whether you will remedy these violations."

Photo: Shutterstock

North Carolina's new transgender bathroom law violates the Civil Rights Act, the Department of Justice said in a letter to Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday.

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Report: County Police Had Poor Response to Ferguson Protests

Department of Justice report sheds light on what led to St. Louis County Police Department's tactics during civil unrest.

Photo by Shutterstock

According to a new report, the St. Louis County Police Department wasn't prepared for the mass demonstrations that followed the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in August 2014, as it underperformed in community policing as well as other areas.

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St. Louis County Family Court is Racially Biased

Investigation of St. Louis County Family Court by the Department of Justice finds Black children subjected to harsher treatment than white children.

By Sheryl Estrada

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Missouri Lt. Gov: Justice Dept. 'Staffed With Marxists and Black Radicals'

One of Missouri's nearly all-white, all-male leaders thinks the U.S. Department of Justice—which has accused the Ferguson PD of blatant racial and gender discrimination—is racist.

On Monday, Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder accused U.S. Department of Justice officials of racism.

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DOJ Clears Darren Wilson of Civil-Rights Violations

The Department of Justice will clear Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson of civil-rights violations for the shooting death of unarmed Black teen Michael Brown.

By: Julissa Catalan

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