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Parents of Students with Intellectual Disabilities Fight for Inclusion

As the mental health debate heats up in schools, students with intellectual disabilities from their peers face continued stigma as they remain isolated.

For the past three decades, public schools have supposedly been doing their best to keep students with intellectual disabilities with their peers in a regular education setting. However, research shows that between 55 and 73 percent of those with intellectually disabilities still spend most or all of their day in segregated placements. By not developing those social skills children are being set up for an unsettled future.

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Disability Rights Under Attack by Congress

"Everyone is just one bad day away from needing accessible options the #ADA requires to help them get around," tweeted Sen. Tammy Duckworth.

Rights for Americans with disabilities are under attack in a bill disguised as reform of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Study on Housing for People with Disabilities Released

Market for buyers with disabilities dim.


The quality of life for those living with a disability in America has improved over the past 30 years. But for this segment of the nation's population to reach full independence, it first must be able to be self-sufficient. The first step in this process is not unlike the first step for able-bodied individuals: to leave the security of home, and live on their own. The conundrum that many individuals with disabilities face is affordability of proper housing in relation to their financial means.

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Parents of Children With Disabilities Fear Deportation

These families have more reasons to be worried about the current administration's crackdown on immigration.


Across the country, immigrants live in heightened fear of deportation. However, one subset of this population struggles with additional worries.

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Nielsen: Measuring the Impact of Consumers with Disabilities

A recent study leveraged the breadth of Nielsen's measurement capabilities to quantify and define the impact of consumers with disabilities, according to John Burbank.

John Burbank is President of Strategic Initiatives at Nielsen (No. 41 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list).

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President-Elect Absolutely Mocked Reporter with Disabilities, Despite His Claims to the Contrary

Trump still refuses to acknowledge his behavior that many see is clearly evident.


Despite unmistakable video footage and still photos of then-candidate Donald Trump deliberately mocking an individual with disabilities during a campaign rally more than a year ago, Trump — now president-elect of the United States — still cannot be truthful about his actions.

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Comcast's X1: Putting Customers with Disabilities in Control

The X1 platform is changing the way XFINITY customers with disabilities explore the world of film and TV.

Working to ensure our products and services are accessible to all of our customers, across all ranges of ability, is a top priority for our Comcast team (Comcast NBCUniversal is No. 29 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list). And it doesn't stop there! Since Tom Wlodkowski joined Comcast Cable as Vice President of Accessibility in 2012, his team has been hyper-focused on enhancing the usability of our products and services, with a mission to enrich the customer experience for people with disabilities.

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DiversityInc Conquering Recruiting Challenges Conference

Learn how to attract, hire and onboard the most diverse workforce and stay ahead of the competition.


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People with Disabilities Fight to be Seen as Full Human Beings in Hollywood

"If you're going to discuss diversity, it has to be completely inclusive of the groups that really define diversity."

Sam Claflin in "Me Before You." Photo: Warner Bros.

Advocates for people with disabilities think it is time for them to be included in Hollywood's push for more diversity both in front of and behind the camera.

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Government Regs for Hiring People with Disabilities Grow Some Teeth

The U.S. government wants to employ more individuals with disabilities not only to strengthen the federal workforce, but to strengthen the country as well.

By Sheryl Estrada

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United Airlines: No Fly Zone for People with Disabilities

The company has been fined for its failure to properly accommodate its passengers with disabilities, putting a spotlight on the struggles people with disabilities face while traveling.

United Airlines was fined $2 million on Thursday by the U.S. Department of Transportation for its failure to provide proper accommodations for passengers with disabilities.

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Number of TV Characters with Disabilities Drops; Fewer Roles Go To Disabled Actors

Despite slight increases in the number of TV characters with disabilities, the percentage is down this year.

Daryl Mitchell, "NCIS: New Orleans"

While television executives seemed to make a conscious effort over the past few years to create characters who, by definition, have some kind of disability, the number of people with disabilities on TV in 2015 actually went down.

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