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NYPD Discovery Hearing Set for Cop Who Killed Eric Garner

Thursday's hearing could result in Daniel Pantaleo being terminated from the force.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold which killed him, is scheduled for a disciplinary conference on Thursday that could result in the termination of his job.

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Justice Department Replaces Team Investigating Eric Garner Death

Federal charges could still be a long time away in the Garner case.

Left: Attorney General Loretta Lynch (REUTERS); Right: 2014 arrest of Eric Garner.

In an unusual move, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has taken New York-based lawyers and investigators off the team tasked to Eric Garner's case, meaning the federal criminal investigation into Eric Garner's death may finally be moving forward — two years after his death.

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NYPD Finally Finds Someone to Hold Accountable for Eric Garner's Murder — A Black Woman

Sgt. Kizzy Adonis is the first person to be charged with any kind of misconduct in Garner's death.

NYPD Sergeant Kizzy Adonis has received internal disciplinary charges for her involvement with Eric Garner's death. Adonis, who is Black, is the first person to face charges in the case. She faces four counts of "failure to supervise" charges.

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Cleveland Goes Straight to Judge Seeking Justice for Tamir Rice

Citizens of Cleveland are taking matters into their own hands and implementing a different legal strategy in the Tamir Rice case.

After months of waiting for justice in the tragic murder of Tamir Rice, community leaders of Cleveland are taking matters into their own hands and going directly to a judge to press charges against officers Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann.

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