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Bayer's Damion Jones Addresses Intersectionality and How to Find Common Ground with Peers

"If we can connect well, we can collaborate well, and if we can collaborate well we can innovate well as an organization," says Jones, Global Director of Inclusion and Diversity for Bayer U.S.

Testimonials About Unconscious Bias Training

Executives from Bayer U.S. shared insight into their personal journeys.

At DiversityInc's Fall 2018 Event, Bayer U.S. executives Jennifer Ralston, Regional Business Director; Jerry DeVore, Licensing Account Management Lead; and Rob Dunlop, Regional Business Director, shared insight into the unconscious bias training they went through and the impact it had on their roles.

The panel was moderated by Damion Jones, Global Director, Inclusion & Diversity, Bayer U.S.

Interrupting Bias in the Recruitment Process

Executives from Bayer U.S. and New York Life shared strategies during DiversityInc's Fall 2018 event.

Damion Jones, Global Director, Inclusion & Diversity, Bayer U.S., coined the term "interrupting bias" on our Career Advice on Handling Unconscious Bias webinar.

At the DiversityInc 2018 Fall Event, Jones provided examples of interrupting bias in the recruitment process.

New York Life's Tammy Mata, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, discussed strategies to disrupt unconscious bias and to embed inclusion into the recruitment, interview and onboarding processes.

Innovative Resource-Group Case Studies

New approaches to resource group utilization and the rise of the resource group as a business function.


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