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Court Reporters Are Writing Testimonies of Black People Wrong: Study

Testifying while Black already carries heavy difficulties and obstacles. Now, there’s one more – a new study, which will be published in the journal Language next month, has found that court reporters say they have difficulty “understanding Black people” when they speak African American English (AAE). It all started after the…

Black People More Likely to Be Wrongfully Convicted in U.S., Says Report

There has been prior research pointing to racial bias and official misconduct contributing to higher wrongful conviction rates for Blacks than for whites. But the National Registry of Exonerations (NRE) not only documents such instances; it also supplies a consistent source of data to explore what is driving that disparity….

Department of Justice Putting an End to Private Prisons

Highly profitable private prisons, which aided in the increased incarceration of Blacks and Latinos due to racial disparities in sentencing, have been deemed highly unsafe. By Sheryl Estrada REUTERS The Department of Justice announced Thursday it will phase out its contracts with private prisons to “ensure that inmates are in…

Democratic Platform Touts Diversity, Inclusion

The final version of the Democratic Party platform released Friday includes a strong embrace of minority rights, with sections focusing on ending systemic racism, reforming the criminal justice system and supporting historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and minority-serving institutions. The platform, which delegates will vote on at the Democratic…