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BALTIMORE UPDATE: CVS Health to Rebuild, Invest

CVS Health will rebuild the two pharmacies devastated by fire during the Baltimore protests – and donate $100,000 to rebuilding the city.

By Barbara Frankel

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Ask the White Guy: How to Implement Diversity in a Small Group

Only when values are in place can you implement a proper diversity-and-inclusion program.

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Hyundai's Zafar Brooks; Leading the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Zafar Brooks of Hyundai Motor America shares how Corporate Social Responsibility helps to build Business Value.

by Stacy Straczynski

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Diversity Crisis Communications: What to Do When Scandals Erupt

The Rutgers crisis is a lesson in the need for swift action and forthright communications when discriminatory scandals occur.

How your company handles a diversity-related crisis can make the difference between whether your leadership stays or goes and whether the public loses faith in your organization (causing plummeting stock price, for example). Here are examples of bad and good ways to handle the type of scandal Rutgers University now faces:

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Ask the White Guy: Why Do People Get Tired of Diversity?

Are you concerned about "diversity fatigue"? Connect the dots between reputation and talent development, philanthropy and supplier diversity.

You should read David Brooks' recent column "The Great Migration" on the New York Times website. He lays out why and how more accomplished people are moving to places where there are other accomplished people. He describes the ramifications of "positive ecologies" and "negative ecologies." I believe this is mirrored in corporate "ecologies," that a company with a negative ecology puts itself in a death spiral—which cannot be reversed without a concerted and overt emphasis on strategic diversity management, reputation and ethics.

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Is This the End of Rush Limbaugh? Advertisers Flee Show

Rush Limbaugh learns the hard way after his "slut" comment that in today's social-media world, negative reactions are swift.

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