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Niecy Nash Wants Racists to Call 1-844- WYT- FEAR

A satirical phone line with a real message for racist white people calling the police on Black people for no reason.

Comedienne Niecy Nash teamed up with the New York Times to create a real 800 number for white people who are afraid of Black people to call, instead of calling the police.

It's an answer to all the nonsense calls that have put Blacks in danger of contact with authorities (who notoriously have a dangerous relationship), and a wake-up call to white people that are racist, and apparently don't know it.

911 dispatchers not wanting to pass along the calls made by white people may want to give out this number to save racists embarrassment, jobs, death threats, and save time and emergency resources for those who really need it— like EMS for Blacks being shot by police, perhaps?

Nash tweeted:

It provides options in English and Spanish and encourages white people who are uncomfortable with Spanish to protect their ears and push no. 1.

In the commercial for the number, Nash says it's "a radical new product that will save you all the headaches from being filmed and outed as a racist douche."

She continues explaining, "Our experienced staff have been living while Black their entire lives ... It's a real number, for real white people who should mind their own damn business."

New! A Hotline for Racists | NYT Opinion

Many on social media responded in applause:

As #WhileBlack incidents continue to increase in the spotlight, others have offered solutions for the problem of white fear.

Several months ago a New York Senator, Jesse Hamilton, who represents the Brownsville, Crown Heights, and Flatbush neighborhoods of Brooklyn, proposed a hate crime law after a Trump supporter called the police on him while he was campaigning.

This 800 number is sure to be called by many people of color and their allies who seek a good laugh, but the point remains —calling 911 for no good reason is a problem that is more dangerous than it is ridiculous.

Baltimore Cops Kept Toy Guns to Plant in Case They Killed a Civilian

Detectives targeted "dope boy cars"; took drugs, guns and money found during illegal searches; and sold stolen weapons and drugs back on the streets. Trump: THIS is why the NFL players take a knee.

Corruption in the Baltimore Police Department seemingly knows no bounds.

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Your White Privilege Is Showing: Police Captain On Leave for Telling Cop He Benefits From His Race and Gender

The officer claimed to be "racially and sexistly slurred" after being informed he is a white man.

A police captain has been placed on paid administrative leave after breaking the news to a cop that being a white male happens to have its benefits in America.

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Dear Trump: Police Brutality Is Not a Joke

"We all know Donald Trump could not care less about police brutality," said The Daily Show's Trevor Noah.


President Donald Trump's assertion that police officers use more force when making arrests was meant to be a laughing matter, according to the White House.

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Police Sergeant Tells Motorists to Run Over Black Lives Matter 'Idiots'

"Now, these idiots could try and sue you in civil court, but remember that it will be jury trial and so most likely it will come out in your favor."

Jeffrey Rothecker. Photo via Facebook

A St. Paul, Minn., police sergeant has been put on paid administrative leave during an investigation of posts he put on Facebook encouraging people to drive over Black Lives Matter activists.

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Double Standard: Treatment of Blacks vs. Whites by Police

Nearly half of all people killed by police in 2015 were minorities, and more than a quarter of the victims were Black — despite Blacks only making up 13.2 percent of the nation's population.

Left: Dylann Roof's arrest; right: Eric Garner's arrest

Data released from The Guardian estimates that 1,136 people were killed by police in the U.S. in 2015. According to the statistics (which are difficult to collect because it is not currently required for police stations to report it), 50.9 percent of these people were white. The remaining fatalities were either minorities or unknown. Specifically, the victims were 26.9 percent of the victims were Black, 16.8 percent Hispanic, 2.4 percent unknown, 2 percent Asian and 1 percent Native American.

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Number of Black NYPD Officers Declines

Despite an alleged commitment to diversity on the force, the newest class of officers has fewer Black men than the previous one.

Photo by Shutterstock

Last week, New York swore in 678 new police recruits — of which only 12 percent are Black. The last class of recruits sworn in was 17 percent Black, a more accurate representation of the city, which is 17.6 percent Black.

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2 Officers Shot Outside Ferguson Police Department During Protests

The officers were injured during overnight demonstrations, which began shortly after the announcement of Police Chief Thomas Jackson's resignation.

Update (3/12/2015 11:36 a.m.): The two police officers wounded in the shooting have been released from Barnes Jewish Hospital, according to the St. Louis County Police Department's official Facebook page.

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