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Latinx Civil Rights Leader Lawrence Romo Named To Commission Removing Confederate Names and Symbols From Military Bases

In his role as the leader of a national veterans’ civil rights group created to help protect Mexican Americans from discrimination, Lawrence Romo has a long history of fighting for diversity and inclusion. And now the Latinx civil rights leader will take his considerable skills and knowledge to Washington D.C….

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Black History Month Profiles: Martin Delany, Journalist, Author, Physician, Abolitionist, Soldier

During Black History Month, DiversityInc is honoring a series of Black innovators and history makers such as journalist and author Martin Delany who are often overlooked in mainstream media coverage and history books. Check back throughout February to learn about more important figures. Born: May 6, 1812, Charles Town, Va….

Confederate Flag Proposal Goes Down in Flames in Tennessee

In a 20-1 vote, the Greene County Commission in Tennessee voted down a proposal tofly theConfederate battle flagabove its county courthouse. The lone vote in favor of flying the flag was made by Commissioner Buddy Randolph, who proposed the measure.”I didn’t figure the resolution would pass,” Randolph said following the…