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Drag Queens Are Helping a North Carolina School Reduce Bullying

The faculty at Central Park School of Children in Durham, N.C., noticed that their LGBTQ students were getting bullied and didn’t feel a part of the school. “We were seeing data that our LGBTQ students were experiencing direct and indirect bullying,” Taylor Schmidt, an eighth-grade social studies teacher at CPSC, told…

Archived: 12-Year-Old Boy Called the N-Word at School Leads Anti-Bullying Campaign: Video

While playing basketball at school in Hanford, Calif., 12-year-old Tarrick Walker’s classmate called him a “dumb ni**er” multiple times. In a recent Facebook video, which has received more than 3,600 views, he shares how the experience shocked, and hurt him. He also explained why he’s taking a stand against bullying….