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Mothers of Black Victims of Violence Lead Movement for Change

When Trayvon Martin was killed four years ago, his mother became part of a cause she had no intention of joining: a movement to bring attention to the senseless deaths of Black Americans in suspiciously racial circumstances. “I am an unwilling participant in this movement,” said Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton….

BLM and All Lives Matter Groups Meet … and Embrace

By Eve Tahmincioglu On the streets of Dallas, the unexpected happened.Groupsof Black Lives Matter (BLM) and All Lives Matter activists protesting on opposite sides of the street ended up coming together and hugging. “It’s time to stop this today. No more walls,” said one protester.

Clinton and Sanders Battle for the Black Vote

The first Democratic primary in the South will take place on Feb. 27 in South Carolina, where almost a third of residents are Black. Presidential candidates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are competing heavily for votes. This primary is a litmus test for how…

Feds Sue City of Ferguson for Civil Rights Violations

The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the City of Ferguson, Missouri, to force the city to reform its police department and court system after the government found both had violated citizens’ civil rights and were especially biased against minorities. In announcing the lawsuit late Wednesday,…

#BlackLivesMatter Activist DeRay Mckesson in Baltimore’s Mayoral Race

By Sheryl Estrada DeRay Mckesson during an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Minutes before the deadline to file for Baltimore mayoral candidacy lastWednesdaynight, popular Black rights activist DeRay Mckessonjumped into the race. Mckesson, 30, became the 13th and final candidate for the Democratic nomination in the April 26…