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police officers on scene of crime

Texas Police Officer Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Black Man; COVID-19 Slamming Diversity Advancements in the Travel Industry; and More

Texas police officer charged in fatal shooting of a Black man. Jonathan Price was a “pillar of the community” in Wolfe City, Texas the Washington Post reports. The popular city employee, personal trainer and former college football player was attempting to help break up a fight outside a gas station…

Donald Neely

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Demands Galveston, Texas Police Department Release Bodycam Footage of Mounted White Officers Leading Black Man With Rope

A photo of two mounted white Galveston, Texas police officers leading a handcuffed Black man with a rope evoked imagery of Antebellum-era slave catchers for many, sparking an outrage last week that led the Galveston Police Chief to issue a public apology to the suspect, Donald Neely, and his family….