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Justice Samuel Alito

Justice Samuel Alito Delivers Series of Highly Alarming Partisan Remarks; Racism Impairs Brain Performance, and More

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito delivers an alarming series of homophobic, partisan remarks. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito rarely makes public appearances, but when he does he apparently wants to make them count, being as irksome and controversial as possible — and completely disregarding the usual ethics required of judges…

Archived: Sammy Sosa's Changing Looks are Skin Deep

It’s been 10 years since Sammy Sosa suited up for a big league game, and 13 years since he played with the Chicago Cubs on Wringley Field, yet the former slugger has still found himself landing in the press and these days it has less to do with the athletic…

Archived: Why Are There So Few Blacks in Major League Baseball

By Julissa Catalan Only 8.3 percent of Major League Baseball players on Opening Day rosters identified themselves as Black, according to a newly released report by the MLB association, marking a steep decline in the number of Black baseball players since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier 67 years ago….

Archived: SLIDESHOW: Sports Cards of Trouble

While professional sports leagues and their star athletes have records that are envied by many, their scorecards when it comes to dealing with diversity and inclusion leave a lot to be desired. DiversityInc takes a closer look at some of the problem policies, athletes and issues with diversity in pro…