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Baltimore Ends Prosecuting Marijuana Cases

More than 90 percent of cases were against Blacks.

Marilyn Mosby, the state's attorney for Baltimore, said on Tuesday that she would stop prosecuting marijuana possession cases regardless of quantity or prior criminal record.

Mosby also urged state legislators to support a bill allowing her to vacate almost 5,000 criminal convictions, including corrupt police cases.

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Sen. Kamala Harris Pays Homage to Shirley Chisholm

"Like Shirley, I believe that to restore confidence and trust in our institutions and leaders, we need to speak truth," Harris said of Chisholm.


Kamala Harris' announcement on "Good Morning America" on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a stark reminder of what happened 47 years ago this week in a race for the presidency.

Harris is standing on the shoulders of Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to run for president, and 10 other Black women.

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Baltimore Cop Resigns After Video of Brutal Beating Goes Viral

"The video is extremely disappointing to me," Interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle said.

UPDATE: Aug. 14, 2018 at 6:08 p.m. ET

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced at a press conference Tuesday that officer Arthur Williams, seen on video repeatedly punching a civilian, has been charged with first and second-degree assault, as well as misconduct of an officer.


From the death of Freddie Gray in 2015 to a recent incident where the violent actions of an officer was caught on video, using excessive force against Black residents, even by Black cops, is engrained in the work culture of the Baltimore Police Department.

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Trump Sides with Putin, Indictment Against Russians Mentions Social Media Targeting Blacks

Russian intelligence officers saw opportunity in racial tensions within the U.S.


President Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin at a summit in Helsinki, Finland on Monday and did not hold Putin accountable for Russia's role in interfering in the 2016 presidential election, despite the fact that the Department of Justice indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers on Friday. The indictment paperwork also indicated the exploitation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Intolerance for people who have different backgrounds appears to not be exclusive to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Baltimore Detectives Convicted of Robbery, Racketeering

Officers stole money from victims, conducted illegal searches and were prepared to plant BB guns at crime scenes if they needed a cover story.

Two detectives in Baltimore have been found guilty on charges of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and robbery. The verdict simply confirms what has already been common knowledge about the corrupt Baltimore Police Department, a problem detailed by a Justice Department report in 2016.

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Baltimore Cops Kept Toy Guns to Plant in Case They Killed a Civilian

Detectives targeted "dope boy cars"; took drugs, guns and money found during illegal searches; and sold stolen weapons and drugs back on the streets. Trump: THIS is why the NFL players take a knee.

Corruption in the Baltimore Police Department seemingly knows no bounds.

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Confederate Monuments' Removal Was 'Foolish,' Says Trump

The president called it "sad" that America's history — the part engrained in a legacy of slavery and racism — was "being ripped apart."

Municipal workers attempt to remove paint from a monument dedicated to Confederate soldier John B. Castleman that was vandalized late Saturday night in Louisville, Ky., August 14, 2017. / REUTERS

After equating activists for equality to neo-Nazis following the violence in Charlottesville, President Donald Trump has continued to double down on his racist rhetoric.

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Baltimore Cops Allegedly Faked Evidence — Again

Forty-one cases in the city have been dropped after more body cam footage suggests officers may have been planting evidence; hundreds are under review.


New body cam footage has emerged that shows police officers in Baltimore working together to plant evidence at a supposed crime scene, according to the Baltimore Office of the Public Defender (OPD). The clip comes out just weeks after a different video was released showing a different group of officers also fabricating evidence.

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Kaiser Permanente Partners with Barbershop to Bring Flu Shots, Preventive Screenings to Baltimore

"This first-of-its-kind initiative is part of Kaiser Permanente's commitment to closing health disparities and reaching the entire community," said Bernadette Loftus, MD, associate executive director, The Permanente Medical Group.


Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States and New Beginnings Barbershop are teaming up to offer free flu immunizations and preventive screenings in a Southwest Baltimore neighborhood near Union Square and Hollins Market.

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Justice Department to Halt Police Reform

AG Jeff Sessions rejected punishing "the misdeeds of individual bad actors" — despite evidence of systemic racism embedded in some police departments.

A young boy greets police officers in riot gear during a march in Baltimore. / REUTERS

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a review of previous police reform agreements to ensure they align with the new administration's principles, according to a memo published Monday.

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Police Tracked BLM Protesters Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: ACLU Report

Police received real time special access from Geofeedia, a social media surveillance vendor, to social media feeds during the periods of unrest.

Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014 following the shooting of Michael Brown. REUTERS

Law enforcement used social media to track activists and protesters during the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, according to a new report released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

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