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Republican Congressman Uses Auschwitz as Backdrop for Political Video

The same congressman who declared war between "Christendom" and suspected Islamic terrorists used the site to further his political agenda regarding homeland security.

A controversial congressman has come under fire after filming a political video using Auschwitz as its backdrop.

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'Kill Them All': Louisiana Congressman Calls for Violence Against Suspected Islamic Radicals

In a Facebook post, Rep. Clay Higgins said radicalized Islamic suspects should be hunted down and killed as "all of Christendom is at war with Islamic horror."

U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Port Barre, La.) wants to use "every conceivable measure" to hunt down and kill anyone suspected of being an Islamic radical. Higgins' rhetoric is similar to when he was a sheriff's captain and threatened to hunt and trap suspected gang members he referred to as "animals."

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