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#MAGABomber Threatened Former House Democratic Staffer, Twitter Ignored Her Concerns

Rochelle Ritchie's life was threatened in a tweet by Cesar Sayoc.

Two weeks prior to #MAGABomber Cesar Sayoc's arrest for mailing pipe bombs to political figures across the country, he threatened political commentator Rochelle Ritchie on Twitter. She reported the menacing tweets and Twitter, apparently, had no issues with the threat on her life.

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Trump Hate Reigns Supreme Over America

The hater-in-chief, elected by a minority of Americans, eliminates any cover for his supporters. Fair warning: after last week, you're either a hater, or you're not.

Trump rally immediately following Pittsburgh massacre.

Three hate-filled, weak-minded white men, whipped up by Republican racism and bigotry terrorized our nation last week.

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BREAKING NEWS: #Magabomber Arrested: Trump-Inspired Domestic Terrorist Caught

Arrested inside his Trumpagada covered white van. Apparently not a "false flag" after all.

The U.S. Justice Department has arrested a South Florida man in connection with mailing of pipe bombs to political opponents of Donald Trump, including many Black politicians.

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