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Online Job Board
Our web traffic is ~400,000 unique people per month, larger than either Working Mother or Black Enterprise (certified by Alexa, an Amazon company). Our audience is mostly women and mostly non-white. We market our content on social media with the goal of increasing our audience on a constant basis. Our job board is also marketed on other job boards. DiversityInc has had a job board since 2002. It works.

Single and Multi-Job Posting Options

  • One (1) 30-Day Job Posting: $249
  • Three (3) 30-Day Job Postings: $475
  • Five (5) 30-Day Job Postings: $695

Flexible Slot Packages | Rotate Postings

  • 3-Job Pack of Slots: $2,180
  • 5-Job Pack of Slots: $2,970
  • 10-Job Pack of Slots: $4,620

Unlimited Job Posting Packages

  • Branding Opportunities
  • And More
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Our Audience

  • 33% Blacks
  • 14% Latinos
  • 5% Asian-Americans
  • 3% American Indians
  • 14% LGBT people

Site Stats

  • 220K résumés in our database
  • 1.5M monthly job searches*
  • 5M page views*
  • 40K jobs*

*Traffic numbers based on a 3-month average

Top Categories for Job Seekers

  • Healthcare
  • Retail/ Wholesale
  • Accounting
  • Sales/Business Development
  • Information Technology
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