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DiversityInc Best Practices

DiversityInc Best Practices is a subscription website for corporations, nonprofits, schools and government/military organizations. This site is designed to help you start and improve your diversity management initiatives and find best practices that have been successful for other companies including employee resource groups, mentoring/sponsorship, diversity councils and supplier diversity.

Membership to DiversityInc Best Practices includes unlimited access to:

  • New daily content on how to's offering blueprints of best practices on diversity management strategies
  • Monthly Webinars featuring best practices from DiversityInc Top 50 companies. Attend live or view afterward in our Webinar Library
  • Meeting in a Box training tool with content and guided questions for your workforce on cultural competency surrounding heritage months, and content and questions for on diversity management implementation
  • Colleges, Universities, Federal & State Agencies ( $1,600/year)
  • Corporations and Organizations with fewer than 5,000 employees ($6,600/year)
  • Corporations and Organizations with more than 5,000 employees ($16,000/year)

Questions? Contact Shane Nelson at or call 973-494-0510.

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