Southern Company Outlines its Commitment to Antiracism in New ‘Be the Change’ Website

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Our Values


Safety First

We believe the safety of our employees and customers is paramount. We will perform and maintain every job, every day, safely.


Unquestionable Trust

Honesty, respect, fairness and integrity drive our behavior. We keep our promises, and ethical behavior is our standard.


Superior Performance

We are dedicated to superior performance throughout our business. We will continue our strong focus on innovative solutions, improving how we run our business and our commitment to environmental stewardship.


Total Commitment

We are committed to the success of our employees, our customers, our shareholders and our communities. We fully embrace, respect and value our differences and diversity.

Our Commitment

Racism has no place in our company nor our communities. Therefore, we must do our part and that starts with our employees, customers, shareholders and partners. As we work to uncover and destroy systemic racism in all its forms, we are centering on four areas:

  1. Fully support peaceful demonstrating, speaking out and protesting injustice and demanding change. We will not be distracted from the importance of that message by those who seek to deter change;
  2. Continue engaging, along with our subsidiary companies, in all the local communities we are privileged to serve;
  3. Ensure this movement is not treated like an event, but rather a long-term continuum of engagement centered on listening, talking and learning in order to achieve sustained institutional improvement; and
  4. Leverage all forms of available resources to advance racial justice as well as inclusivity for all, regardless of our differences, while promising to incorporate past and present lessons to foster a society where all feel welcomed, valued, respected and engaged.

Using those focus areas, we’ve outlined a 4-stage approach.







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