Sodexo | Hall of Fame


  • Fifty percent of Sodexo’s Global Board of Directors are women, led by its first Chairwoman, Sophie Bellon.
  • From 2011 to 2019, Sodexo has had a 66 percent increase in women executives and a 60 percent increase in racially diverse executives.
  • In 2018, Sodexo contributed over 159,500 in volunteer hours, and since 1996, the Stop Hunger Foundation has contributed nearly $34.5 million to help feed children in America impacted by hunger.


Sodexo remains focused on gender balance and has released part two of their Gender Balance Study. The study, which uses data from 50,000 managers in over 75 Sodexo entities, confirms findings that 40-60 percent women in management is critical to observing gains in financial and non-financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including employee engagement & retention, client retention, safety and financial outcomes.

Sodexo is also focused on continuing to build an inclusive culture and culturally competent workforce through their Cultural Agility training and tools, as well as their employee inclusion communities (Employee Business Network Groups or EBRGs, Communities of Practice and Taskforces), which are essential to deploying and embedding their efforts broadly. The results of their bi-annual EBRG Survey for North America reinforced the value of these groups by confirming that 92 percent of members feel the EBRGs “represent a good investment for Sodexo”.

As Sodexo continues to transition and evolve, the company is particularly proud of our growing progress in advancing gender balance globally. To that end, Sodexo has put in place a target of 40 percent women in senior leadership ranks by 2025. The company also holds our global executive committee accountable, by linking a percentage of our performance shares to this objective. Additionally, Sodexo holds our leadership accountable for developing a diverse pipeline, by linking 10 percent of our annual incentive to this objective.

This is the 11th consecutive year that Sodexo has been recognized as a top company for diversity and inclusion by DiversityInc, and as one of the first inductees into the inaugural Top 50 Hall of Fame, Sodexo continues to demonstrate how we have successfully integrated diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our organization and leveraged it as a true business imperative.

As a recognized thought leader, Sodexo remains committed to advancing our strategy, building their brand globally and driving sustainable change.



Sarosh Mistry

Chair, Sodexo North America & CEO, Worldwide Homecare

“As the new head of Sodexo North America, I have a deep conviction that we must continue building on our strong track record in diversity and inclusion. For our business growth, it’s critical that we bring diverse thinking across all levels of the organization.”


Dr. Rohini Anand
Senior Vice President Corporate Responsibility and Global Chief Diversity Officer

“Prioritizing diversity and inclusion has become even more critical, given the complexities of today’s ever-changing, global landscape. The need to approach this work in more innovative, yet strategic ways, is something that organizations must be prepared to address. From attracting top talent to fostering a culture of belonging for employees, diversity and in



U.S. Headquarters: Gaithersburg, MD.

Global Employees: 160,000


  • No. 1 Talent Acquisition for Women of Color
  • No. 2 Executive Women
  • No. 4 Executive Diversity Council
  • No. 6 Talent Acquisition
  • No. 8 Employee Resource Groups
  • No. 9 Mentoring
  • No. 9 Sponsorship
  • LGBT Employees