Sodexo Discusses Gender Equality

In 2014, Sodexo carried out an internal study to explore and understand the correlation between gender balance and performance. Looking at both financial and non-financial performance, the results of this study revealed that the optimal level of gender balance exists in management that is comprised of 40 60% of either gender. This case study reinforces the conviction that gender balance is a significant driver of performance and delivers results if embedded in a global strategy and addressed at all levels within an organization.

Gender balance has also opened the conversation about employees’ desire for an improved quality of life, both at work and personally. It will bring a new perspective and point of view to employers and the current established practices will be questioned, reviewed, altered, and ultimately improved. This will be especially true of the next generations of leaders, both men and women that will bring fresh perspectives to organizations around the world. Digital tools are now essential for accessing the demands of our ever-increasing globalized world. In ten to twenty years, we will have made more progress on equality and inclusion issues.

We are proud of the work we have accomplished at Sodexo; female representation is comprised of 31% of Senior Leaders, 38% Board of Directors, and 43% of the Group Executive Committee. We have achieved our goal of 25% gender parity by 2015, and will be setting new goals for 2020 and 2025. It is our responsibility, along with other organizations, to join forces, share best practices, and maintain our focus on overcoming barriers to women’s empowerment across the generations.

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