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Blacks, Latinos and Asians in Senior Leadership: 14% higher than the Top 10, 40% higher than the Top 50 and 61% higher than U.S. companies overall

Promotions for Blacks into Management: Almost double the Top 10 average and double the Top 50 average

Blacks in Senior Leadership: Double the Top 10 average and more than double the Top 50 average


Sodexo keeps its commitment to fostering a more diverse and inclusive culture.

This dedication is reflected in the company’s initiatives and practices as diversity and inclusion continues to contribute to the success of its business and company mission to improve the quality of daily life.

Sodexo continues to focus on key inclusion areas, including culture and origins.

This year, Sodexo conducted an internal study analyzing data from 100 global entities covering 50,000 managers. The objective was to understand how gender balance at all levels of management impacts financial and non-financial performance. The preliminary results indicated that entities with gender balanced management performed better in all the performance indicators.

Over the years, the company has demonstrated a metrics-focused nimbleness in developing its diversity-management initiatives. Sodexo often serves as a leader in helping its client companies develop their diversity programs.


Lorna Donatone

Region Chair for North America and CEO of Schools Worldwide

“For 50 years, Sodexo has been a people-centered organization. Our employees provide quality of life services to 75 million consumers around the world. That’s why diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our business strategy and our brand promise. Our inclusive work culture allows us to respect and understand the diverse markets where we do business. It also enriches our workplace by improving quality of life for our employees, which gives us a real competitive advantage.”

Dr. Rohini Anand

Global Chief Diversity Officer

“At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion continues to play a significant role in our organizational success. As we build on our promise of delivering quality of life services to our customers, clients, partners and employees, our focus on diversity and inclusion remains steadfast. Evolving and sustaining an inclusive culture that supports the diversity of those we serve, is a strategic business priority and ongoing commitment of Sodexo worldwide.”



U.S. Headquarters: Gaithersburg, Md.

Global Employees: 299,750

Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 5

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