Sean Hannity Said He'll Ship the Obamas to Kenya, If Trump Wins

Sean Hannity, a radio show host and Fox News pundit, believes he can tell President of the United States of America Barack Obama the commander-in-chief not only to leave the country if Trump wins the election, but suggests Obama and his family may want to go back to Africa. Hannity said he would charter a plane for the trip.

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show “The Sean Hannity Show,” he directs the following message to Obama:

“You want to go to Canada I’ll pay for you to go to Canada. You want to go to Kenya I’ll pay for you to go to Kenya. Jakarta, where you went to school back in the day, you can go back there. Anywhere you want to go. I’m gonna I’ll put the finest food: caviar, champagne, you name it. I have one stipulation: You can’t come back.”

Even though Hannity didn’t say Obama was born in Kenya, he was breathing life, again, into Trump’s birther movement conspiracy, which has been debunked numerous times.

Hannity Supporting Fiction as Fact

On Monday, journalists asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest whether Obama would leave the country, as many Americans said they would, if Trump wins the presidency.

“He’s working very hard to make sure that nobody has to leave the country as a result of an electoral outcome that the president doesn’t support,” Earnest said.

So on his radio show, Hannity interpreted the response as confirmation Obama would leave the country; thus his offer to purchase a ticket.

But here’s where pundits like Hannity fuel the flame of unfounded reports to rally the alt-right fan base mixing fake news with real news.

According to The Washington Post, during his broadcast Hannity appeared to be reading from a Daily Mail article, which talks about “rumors” of Obama saying he’d leave the country, stemming from a satirical article posted on a Canadian website, The Burrard Street Journal. The website is similar to The Onion in the U.S.

Hannity knows it is a fake story but tries to infer to his listening audience that it’s not far from the truth.

He says:

“The rumor mill apparently first started when a Canadian satire site carried an article saying that Obama was planning to move to Canada if Trump was victorious. The piece was entitled ‘Obama declares his family will move to Canada if Trump is elected’ and carried a fictitious statement supposedly from Obama, which said ‘it’s something Michelle, the kids and I have discussed as a potential solution to the Donald.’

“Anyway, when asked about the rumors on Air Force One yesterday, Earnest said Obama would spend a significant amount of time campaigning for Hillary and other Democrats down the ballot. … So they’re not saying for sure.”

Listen to Hannity’s broadcast:

It appears the whole purpose of Hannity’s diatribe was to a fuel a rumor from a fictional story to rally Trump’s alt-right fan base. Hannity does the same on Faux, err, Fox News.

Hannity Supports Trump with Fox News Show

The New York Times published an article in August, which discusses Hannity’s role in promoting the Trump campaign on his Fox News show “Hannity”:

“Mr. Hannity uses his show on the nation’s most-watched cable news network to blare Mr. Trump’s message relentlessly giving Mr. Trump the kind of promotional television exposure even a billionaire can’t afford for long. But Mr. Hannity is not only Mr. Trump’s biggest media booster; he also veers into the role of adviser.”

From Fox News’ media bias to its perpetuation of racism and sexism, will the public ever say, “Enough is enough” and stop watching Perhaps it depends on the political views of the fan base.

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