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Sanofi Expands Insulins VALyou Savings Program, Helping More People Living with Diabetes

Originally Published by Sanofi.

Sanofi has expanded its access program for people living with diabetes to include all Sanofi insulins*, helping patients get the insulin they need at a significantly reduced price.

Sanofi’s Insulins VALyou Savings Program debuted earlier this year, offering qualifying patients the opportunity to obtain two of Sanofi’s insulins at a set price. Beginning today, the program will now include all Sanofi insulins. Since its April launch, over 6,500 people living with diabetes have enrolled and taken advantage of the benefits of the program.

This program is available at U.S. pharmacies and offers all Sanofi insulins at one set price: $99 for a 10 mL vial or $149 for a box of pens. For some people, the program could offer a savings of up to $3,000 per year.

“When we initially launched the Insulins VALyou Savings Program, our goal was to support as many uninsured and underinsured people living with diabetes as we could, and we pledged to explore how to increase affordable access in the future,” said Michelle Carnahan, North America Head of Diabetes and Cardiovascular, Sanofi. “We’re making good on that pledge today by expanding this program. While we are off to a good start, we know that many people continue to look for more affordable insulin options. We hope the expansion and increased awareness of this program will allow more people to benefit from it.”

All uninsured and commercially insured patients are eligible to participate in the Insulins VALyou Savings Program. This includes cash-paying patients who don’t qualify for traditional patient assistance programs, can’t take advantage of our commercial co-pay offers, or haven’t reached their high deductible on their commercial insurance. While under current regulations pharmaceutical companies cannot offer this type of program to patients insured under Medicare, Medicaid, or similar federal or state programs, Sanofi supports efforts that would expand this access program to all those who might benefit.

Sanofi continues to offer other resources to make insulins more affordable including co-pay cards which may limit out-of-pocket expenses to as low as $0 for eligible, commercially insured patients. In addition, Sanofi offers assistance programs that provide medications, including insulin, at no charge for qualified low-income, uninsured patients through the patient assistance component of the Sanofi Patient Connection program. Together, these programs demonstrate the company’s dedication to find support to help people living with diabetes gain access to the insulins they need.

For more information, visit www.InsulinsVALyou.com. Sanofi also encourages anyone who is prescribed a Sanofi medicine, and who may be having financial challenges or trouble navigating their insurance, to call Sanofi Patient Connection at (888) 847-4877 where eligible patients can be connected to the medicines and resources they need at no cost.

* The Insulins VALyou Savings Program excludes Sanofi’s combination insulin product.

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