Jonathan Hart

Right Racist Hate from the Far Right Terrorizes the Wrong Gonzalez

@911NoPlaner, or Ryan Rodrigues, who refuses to get his information from “fake news” mainstream media, found himself standing in front of the wrong Emma Gonzalez when he was on his quest to prove Parkland students were crisis actors.

After searching blogs and Twitter, he showed up at her job with a video camera asking her questions to prove his point. But Emma Jane Gonzalez was not who Rodrigues’s “research” said she was. Emma Jane called the police.

Rodrigues has since recanted, tweeting that he was wrong, after being blasted by the Twitterverse:

Right-wing rhetoric about Parkland students being “crisis actors,” along with other racist, homophobic and sexist messages purported by Trump/NRA supporters, have given permission to fanatics to troll and stalk anyone who they think attacks their rights.

– Maine’s former Republican House candidate’s tweets in March: “There is nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing that she has to say unless you’re frothing at the mouth moonbat,” Leslie Gibson wrote about 18-year-old Emma Gonzalez, the Parkland student activist for gun control who identifies as bisexual.

– Wisconsin’s Congressional candidate, Paul Nehlen, wrote a racist tweet in February about Meghan Markle, the biracial actor engaged to Prince Harry, reconstructed as the Cheddar Man, as well as a racist defense tweet: “Dispossessing whites of their homelands is wrongand then claimed ‘science’ to ‘prove’ whites never existed.”

– And, of course, comments about “shithole” African countries and Haiti, and retweeting of anti-Muslim videos by our fearless president, raise the inequality and hate mongering to the highest office. There is no position of power this hate has not touched.

“Crisis actor” speculations have not diminished, and attacks continue on social media against the outspoken students. Emma Jane Gonzalez told the Washington Post she now carries her keys ready to jab when she walks alone or goes to work. Everyday people now are on guard because fanatics influenced by hate rhetoric take actions like this.

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