Innovative Ways to Use Resource Groups

Diversity leaders reveal that using ERGs in innovative ways can positively affect business results.

Employee-resource groups (ERGs) can give insight into the unwritten cultural/ethnic nuances of your client base, leading to gains in business and customer loyalty, as JCPenney can attest. When the retailer sought to open one of its new stores in a location with a high Asian demographic, ERG members and field councils were able to advise management on the proper, respectful way to exchange money in Asian cultures—by counting the change back. If cashiers simply gave the usual "Here is your change" line, many patrons could have felt offended, which results in lost positivity for the brand.

Manny Fernandez, director of diversity for JCPenney (No. 35 on The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list), shared this story during a DiversityInc panel with Jim Norman, vice president of talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion for Kraft Foods (No. 9), and Tim Stiles, tax partner for KPMG (No. 29). They discussed how their companies view ERGs as valuable resources with unexpected—and profitable—benefits. The panel additionally revealed that ERGs can also be used to assist in successfully on-boarding new hires, provide skill-based training, career development and mentoring, and help with leadership development.

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VIDEO: Using Resource Groups to Reach New Employees

AT&T has had remarkable success in on-boarding new employees with the help of its resource groups. Debbie Storey, Senior Vice President, Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer, showcased best practices including live events, leadership opportunities and cross-generational learning, at DiversityInc's October event.

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Video: MasterCard's Resource Groups Are Role Models for Engagement, Talent Development

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How do you develop resource groups that further your business goals—recruitment, engagement, promotions, market innovation? MasterCard Worldwide shares its secrets for its resource groups with us in video interviews with top execs who are executive sponsors and resource-group leaders.

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How to Start a Resource Group

Ten steps to effectively start a resource group at your organization.

Photo by Shutterstock

By Barbara Frankel

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Multicultural Marketing Case Study: Wells Fargo's Asian Outreach

How are resource groups helping Wells Fargo reach the rapidly growing Asian American market?

Nancy Wong, Senior Vice President and Integrated Marketing Manager for the Asian Segment in Enterprise Marketing at Wells Fargo, is a first-generation Asian-American. She was born and raised in Hong Kong by her parents, who were small-business owners, and was one of three daughters who came to the United States as students.

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How Wells Fargo's Resource Group & CEO Reach LGBT Markets

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Mark Ng is Vice President and LGBT Segment Manager of Wells Fargo's Strategy and Segments division. Ng recently sat down with DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti during a Q&A session to discuss Wells Fargo's resource groups and outreach to the LGBT community.

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Hilton: Which Employees Make the Best Resource-Group Leaders?

Here's how a 93-year-old company with no resource groups established five, with 20 chapters in four corporate centers, in less than a year.

Key to Hilton's success has been its ability to identify the right talent to lead resource groups, explains Michael Ford, Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Hilton Worldwide. During his DiversityInc Innovation Fest! presentation on resource groups, Ford reveals how a 93-year-old company with no resource groups established five, with 20 chapters in four corporate centers, in less than a year (with two more on the way).

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How to Create a Mental-Health-Friendly Workplace

What's the cost of poor mental health to your business? Which multicultural groups are affected most?

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