PwC: What’s next? Tactical Ways Companies Can Plan to Win in 2021

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Hear PwC talk about the strategy of business recovery, from rebuilding revenue and controlling costs to retooling for the new world.

Amid the excitement of getting back to a semblance of business as usual, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions—as in, what is the new normal and where do I go from here? This podcast is the next episode in a new series for CFOs, controllers—really, anyone in finance—asking big questions, like: how do we emerge from a crisis stronger than before? Each week, we’ll focus on a different area that may need your focus in this period of recovery. This week, host Heather Horn sits down with Vinay Couto, PwC’s Fit for Growth leader, to discuss the strategy of business recovery.

Topics include:

  • 0:55 – Introduction. We begin by highlighting the five areas that companies are focused on as it relates to business recovery: revisiting strategy, recovering revenue, reshaping the cost agenda, bringing employees along, and retooling for the new world.
  • 4:02 – Revisiting strategy. The rules of the game have changed and companies are throwing away their strategic plans and starting anew. Vinay talks about the three levels of strategic planning.
  • 9:01 – Revenue recovery. Vinay shares the tactical things companies are doing to grow their businesses, including developing a laser-like focus to convert opportunities into sales and learning how to serve a new demand from a new type of customer.
  • 13:06 – Reshaping the cost agenda. While liquidity management is vitally important, Vinay highlights the opportunities—including talent acquisition and digitization, companies are balancing to achieve sustainable growth.
  • 23:06 – Bringing people with you. How do you get the organization to collaborate effectively to get things done? Make it part of your company DNA. Vinay explains.
  • 29:28 – Retooling for the new world. Vinay closes with ways to outperform in the new environment.




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