PwC Elevates Diverse Voices for Black History Month

Originally published at PwC is a Hall of Fame company.


A workplace is only as strong as its culture, and at PwC, we’re proud that our people — who represent varied experiences, communities and identities — continue to shape who we are as a firm.

Through shared cultural experiences and environments that foster diversity of thought and perspectives, we live our values of building on a culture of belonging. That priority extends to how we celebrate heritage months and other holidays and observances that are important to our people.

In February we recognize Black History Month as a time not only for reflection, service to our communities and fostering togetherness, but also an occasion to center joy and pride. A time to celebrate the rich history of the Black community, and to share stories that help forge better relationships and deeper understanding across cultures and communities.

Hear from our people about representation in accounting and beyond, and what makes them feel proud when it comes to Black community and culture.

Q: When you think about Black History Month and the Black community, what do you take the most pride in? 

Samuel Wells, Consulting Solutions Manager: “Our innovative, creative and resilient spirit. Our culture is the heartbeat of American culture, from our beats and rhymes, to how we talk, the way we walk and how we dress. We push the culture forward in every aspect of American life.”

Karen Fraser, Products & Technology Director: “The resilience of the Black community inspires me. Despite challenges, we’re always striving for excellence and to build strong legacies for future generations.”

Evins Trajean, Products & Technology Senior Associate: “Our individuality. The idea of coming from different parts of the world and merging here in America is amazing, keeping the culture of where we come from and keeping that originality is something I’m most proud of.”

Malachi Kirk, Trust Solutions While You Work Fellow: “I take pride in our ability to always rise. I admire the resilience of our community and the ways we shine outward towards success, despite the circumstances and obstacles set to stop us.”



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