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Latest News

Pope Francis Says Homosexuality in the Church 'Worries' Him

Francis says men with homosexual tendencies should not be admitted to the Catholic clergy, which aligns with the stereotype that gay men molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals.


Pope Francis has often been touted as one of the more progressive popes in the history of the Catholic Church, but his new book "The Strength of Vocation" offers a less welcoming side to the men who oversee 1.2 billion Catholics across the globe. To curb the decades-old molestation scandal, which targets young boys he is suggesting to ban homosexuals from serving as priests.

The pope says that for one that, engages in homosexuality, it questions their humanity and emotional maturity. He thus sees no place for it in vocational life within the church.

In his book, Pope Francis clearly links homosexuality to child molestation, calling on homosexual priests to leave or be celibate, so as to avoid scandal, suggesting that homosexuals are more prone to engage in child molestation than heterosexuals.

Since the '70s, there has been a myth that gay men molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals. In 2010, the Family Research Council claimed "the research is overwhelming that homosexuality poses a (molestation) danger to children."

The American Psychological Association later debunked this claim, stating that children are not more likely to be molested by LGBT parents or their LGBT friends or acquaintances.

There is an ill-construed theory that the anti-gay activists claim alleging that all men who molest male children should be seen as homosexual. Nicholas Groth, an expert on child molestation, finds that child molestation either stems from fixated or regressive behavior.

"The fixated child molester — the stereotypical pedophile — cannot be considered homosexual or heterosexual because he often finds adults of either sex repulsive and often molests children of both sexes. Regressive child molesters are generally attracted to other adults, but may regress to focusing on children when confronted with stressful situations. The majority of regressed offenders were heterosexual in their adult relationships."

The Pope and his officers fail to understand this reality, even the ones who criticized the Pope for covering up ongoing sexual misconduct and abuse of children in the Catholic church. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Vatican's former ambassador, stated that a "homosexual network" existed in the Vatican, whose members helped promote each other's careers in the church.

Telling homosexuals to leave the priesthood will not fix the horrific sex scandal within the Catholic Church because there is no link between homosexuality and child molestation. This is a black mark in a fairly progressive administration under Pope Francis.

The Conversation (3)
03 Dec, 2018

Say What Now ? It really Worries Him ? How many Decades have They swept this Criminal Behavior under the rug

votetocorrect05 Dec, 2018
Pope Francis is not progressive and still protects the pedophile priest of the Catholic Church! Remove the time limit on crimes and lock the pedophile priest up!

Alabama Newspaper Editor Calls for KKK to 'Night Ride Again'

"What rock did this guy crawl out from under? This editorial is absolutely disgusting and he should resign — now!" tweeted Senator Doug Jones.

A newspaper editor in Alabama recently published an editorial where he called for the Ku Klux Klan to rid the Nation's Capitol of Republicans and Democrats that are looking to raise taxes in the state.

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Middle School Student Arrested After Refusing to Recite Pledge of Allegiance

Ana Alvarez, a substitute teacher, asked the student why he continues to live in the U.S., "if it's so bad here."

An 11-year-old boy was arrested for not following orders and "causing a disruption" when he refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in class.

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Rev. William Barber Condemns Evangelicals Who Support Trump's Policies

"I'm a Christian evangelical, I grew up in the Christian faith, and one of the most clear public policies that you're supposed to engage in as a just society is fairness toward the strangers, immigrants," Barber said.

The NAACP and Rev. Dr. William Barber called out evangelical Christians who back President Donald Trump's family separation policy, and called the policy racist.

"We see this happening," Barber said, "and this attack on children — we know it's brown children, it wouldn't be happening if it wasn't brown children at the southern border — is white supremacy, white nationalism, being implemented in our public policy right in front of our faces."

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Racist Shopper Threatens to Call ICE on Haitian Woman, Keys Her Car

"I will take your photo and send it to ICE. You don't belong here," said the attacker.

Lola Jean-Baptiste, a Haitian immigrant with U.S. citizenship, was attacked and threatened by an angry middle-aged white woman in Brockton, Mass.

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State Sen. Nikema Williams: 'I Was Unlawfully Arrested at the Georgia Capitol — My Workplace'

Williams is taking a stand to prevent the mistreatment of women of color by law enforcement.

WSB-TV Screenshot

Georgia State Sen. Nikema Williams, the first Black woman elected to lead the state's Democratic party, was jailed last year for just standing among protesters at the state Capitol. Williams is now taking a stand to prevent the mistreatment of women of color by law enforcement.

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TV Station Reports on Michigan Governor's 'Curves' and Gets Slammed on Twitter

"I've got a message for all of the women and girls like mine who have to deal with garbage like this every day: I've got your back," Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tweeted.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) gave her first annual address to the state on Tuesday focusing on infrastructure, education and bipartisanship to reach effective solutions. But a local TV station chose to focus more on Whitmer's curves in her dress. It's "a cheap, sexist and indefensible shot at a strong woman in leadership," said State Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes.

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