#PoolPatrolPaula Fired After Harassing Teens for Swimming While Black

BBQ Becky’s cultural family tree continues growing. The newest relation attending the family reunion Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, who the Internet has dubbed Pool Patrol Paula.

Sebby-Strempel thought it was a good idea to verbally attack a group of Black teens — getting violent with one — who were simply trying to swim at a pool. Not only was she arrested, but she has been fired from her job.

Sebby-Strempel told the victims — including a 15-year-old — that they didn’t belong at the pool.

“Get out! Get out now!” Sebby-Strempel is heard shouting in one of the videos. “There are three numbers I can dial: 9-1-1. Get out. Little punks.”

The group claimed they were “respectful and said, yes ma’am,” according to ABC 11. But Sebby-Strempel still used racial slurs against them and hit the 15-year-old in the face at least three times.

According to ABC, the incident report labeled Sebby-Strempel as clearly being “the aggressor in the assault even going as far as to continue to assault the victim as he was walking away from her.”

For skincare company Rodan + Fields, where Sebby-Strempel worked as a salesperson, this crossed the line — if only after public backlash.

Rodan + Fields, whose executive team is entirely white, did come under fire initially for one response it gave on Twitter, seemingly before Sebby-Strempel was let go.

We do not condone violence of any kind and pride ourselves on embracing inclusion and acceptance of all. Please note, this person is not a Rodan + Fields employee, but an Independent Contractor. We are reaching out to this individual to reiterate our corporate values.

It is unclear when the company decided to terminate her completely. But before making that choice, angry comments flooded its Facebook page.

Never again will my money buy anything with this name. The people that you allow to respresent your name is sad. A woman hitting children…sad day

Any tips for summer child protection

You will no longer get any business from me with Stephanie Sebby-Strempel working for your company. She is a disgrace to your brand and to the human race! Absolutely Disgusting!!

Love your products but you just lost a customer. Having people like Stephanie Sebby-Strempel representing your company is unacceptable.

Critics were international.

We are all the way in Australia.
We are your customers too.
I cannot believe this woman is a parent, but I also cannot believe she works for you. Please do something about this that represents your company values and products. THIS cannot be allowed to continued.…

“In accordance with our policies and after assessing statements from law enforcement, this Independent Consultant is no longer affiliated with Rodan + Fields,” the company stated to Yahoo Lifestyle.

The company also confirmed this on Facebook: “In accordance with our policies and after assessing statements from law enforcement, this Independent Consultant is no longer affiliated with Rodan + Fields.”

When deputies arrived at Sebby-Strempel’s home to apprehend her, she violently resisted. She attacked the officers, shoving one into a wall and biting another hard enough to break skin, the New York Post reported.

Sebby-Strempel physically attacked the police and was not Tased or shot, and she lived to tell the tale.

There seems to be two options when encountering Black people doing normal things: one, call the police, or two, take matters into your own violent hands.

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  1. Does anyone track what happens after a cop gets fired for racism? Are they hired by another police department ? Where?

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