Police Aggression Continues in Ferguson

By Julissa Catalan

The protests in Ferguson, Mo., over the Michael Brown shooting continued Tuesday night.

St. Louis TV station KMOV reported that unlike previous nights, Tuesday’s gathering seemed peacefulthat is, until around midnight when water bottles filled with urine were thrown at police officers.

Although KMOV’s coverage does mention that peaceful protesters felt “instigated” by the overly aggressive police, what it failed to mention was the extent of that aggression.

The video shows a police officer spraying pepper spray into a crowd of protestersbefore a protester retaliates by throwing a bottle in his direction.

According to reports by Mashable, the chaos began after a female protester was injured and put into an ambulance as the crowd screamed, “She’s pregnant!”

A YouTube video from last night has since surfaced, further depicting the extent of the aggression that Ferguson police officers are using toward protesters without just cause.

In the video, a civilian is heard saying, “My hands are up,” as a police officer is pointing a rifle directly at him and waving it at other protesters as well. The officer yells, “Stand back,” before moving toward the crowd while aiming the rifle and yelling, “I will f—ing kill you! Get back!”

After one of the protesters asks for the officer’s name, the officer replies, “Go f— yourself!”

Another civilian-filmed YouTube video of the same officerapparently only moments after the first videoshows the officer aiming the rifle directly at the person filming. The person is heard asking him to put his gun down, while the officer moves closer to him with the rifle pointed directly at him. The officer continues to say, “Get back,” as he moves closer to the civilian.

Another officer comes in and points the rifle downward as he escorts the aggressive policeman away from the crowd of protesters.

The officer has reportedly been identified by Operation Ferguson as Ray Albers.

The night ended with 47 arrests.

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