'Permit Patty' Calls Cops on Black Girl for Selling Water, Her Marijuana Business Faces Backlash

Alison Ettel, now known as “Permit Patty,” followed in the footsteps of “BBQ Becky.”

After a video went viral of her calling police on a Black child because she was “illegally selling water without a permit,” Twitter flooded her business account with “shame on you” backlash.

Ettel, 44 and a San Francisco resident, is the CEO of marijuana business Treat Well, which includes edible options for people and pets, and just had an event on “calming anxiety and stress with cannabis” less than two weeks ago.

But she “snapped” after hearing an 8-year-old calling out to baseball fans coming from a game to sell them $2 water bottles.

Ettel called the police (she says it was a pretend call). She ducked down when she realized she was being recorded. Police did not respond to the location.

Watch the video here:

“Raj,” who posted the video of her little cousin, said her family thanks all those who commented with support and encouragement for the young entrepreneur.

Ettel’s major business partners, like Magnolia Wellness dispensary in Oakland, Calif., have since cut ties.

“As of today, Magnolia will no longer be carrying Treatwell Tinctures,” states an Instagram post from Magnolia Wellness. “After seeing this video of their CEO calling the police on an 8-year-old entrepreneur selling water on a hot daywe could no longer patronize her company.”

She was also set to be featured in a 2019 documentary on women in the cannabis industry, but Lady Buds director put the kibosh on that in an Instagram post, calling her actions “racist and divisive.” Ettel is being edited out of the film.

Ettel’s values being questionable isn’t new. Back in 2015, when interviewed by SFGate about the controversial practice of giving pets doses of cannabis, she responded: “It’s don’t ask, don’t tell. We haven’t gotten any pushback yet.”

But she’s ready to argue the business ethics of an 8-year-old.

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