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Archived: VIDEO: Patient Attacked at St. Louis Hospital by Security Guard

Vanity Allen went to the hospital for stomach pains and ended up being brutally assaulted by a hospital security guard in July.

The 25-year-old, with an IV already installed into her body, stepped outside momentarily of the SSM Health DePaul Hospital in St. Louis, Mo., to get some fresh air. Upon attempting to enter the hospital again, a burly, white security guard manhandled Allen.

Hospital surveillance didn’t capture the initial blow, but Allen stated the guard struck her over her left eye with his fist. She fell onto the sidewalk outside of the hospital entrance from the impact of the blow. Allen stated she put her hand up as indication that she was in immense pain.

There is hospital footage of the guard struggling with Allen as she tries to catch her balance. He then drags her back inside the hospital. After the alleged attack, he proceeded to prop her into a chair like a rag doll and slap handcuffs on Allen who was by then bloody.

Interestingly enough and despite the attack being caught on video, she is facing assault charges based on a complaint filed by SSM Health.

07272018 SSM security guard manhandles patient.

Allen has said that the incident has left her traumatized, in constant pain and the once independent young woman now relies on family for support.

Albert Watkins, Allen’s attorney, had some choice words to say concerning the attack: “This was 220 pounds of white daytime TV muscle on top of her You have a security guard with an IQ well below room temperature taking it upon himself to see that ‘justice’ is done to a 90-pound patient in distress.”

“This was a young lady with zero criminal history, admitted for bonafide medical reasons, who had a port installed,” Watkins continued. “She had the bad fortune to run into Superman in a unitard, coming out of nowhere, who decided it was time to teach this young lady a lesson.”

The security guard has been fired and the hospital issued a statement: “SSM Health DePaul Hospital is committed to providing the best care possible to every patient who comes to us and to ensuring the safety of all patients, employees and visitors. Due to federal patient privacy laws, we are unable to provide details of any patient’s care. The Bridgeton Police Department investigated the matter, and we cooperated fully with their efforts.”

Basically, the hospital glossed over their responsibility of hiring an incompetent good old boy who allegedly assaulted one of their patients and then adding insult to injury by filing charges against her. Got it.

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