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Opinion: Why Did Ariana Grande Get Paid Twice as Much as Beyoncé To Perform at Coachella?

Ariana Grande is reportedly being paid $8 million to headline Coachella this year, a monumental payday by any standard – but who decided that Grande deserved double what the iconic Beyoncé earned for her historical performance last year at the same venue?

Ariana Grande, for all intents and purposes, has had a good past year with her current album. However, Grande doesn’t have the range to get a salary greater than Queen Bey!

Even Grande’s performance didn’t measure up to the absolute perfection that was “Beychella.” Ariana Grande’s performance was a hodgepodge of guest performers and a tribute to the ’90s. Whereas Beyoncé’s performance was a single-woman production and homage to her Black culture and heritage.

Not only that, Beyoncé didn’t depend on star power to make her show memorable. In fact, she handpicked each and every dancer and singer in the production.

They were simply young, talented Black artists who were alumni of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and she wanted to highlight them for an authentic and true to her roots performance. She debuted a self-directed documentary of her show on Netflix on April 17.

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And it’s not that I’m biased, although, Beyoncé can do no wrong in my eyes.

According to Billboard Magazine, Beyoncé had the second best performance in Coachella history.

And by industry standards, Beyoncé is the bigger star. She has sold nearly 100 million solo albums along with 60 million albums when she was with Destiny’s Child. Not to mention, she has had six No. 1 albums under her belt. That’s no easy feat. And her stupefying ability to reinvent herself with every album release is pure genius.

On the other hand, Ariana Grande has only has had one No. 1 album out of her five solo albums and has sold roughly 23 million albums to date, including her current album, “Thank You.”

Knowing these stats leads to the question — how did Coachella come to the decision to pay Grande two times the amount of Beyoncé?

Considering the fact that Coachella is owned by Philip Anschutz, a right-winged billionaire, who is known to have financially supported hate organizations; it seems logical that the organization would pay Grande more than Beyoncé.

Why would Anschutz care about equal and equitable pay based on talent and status? He is perpetuating the wage gap that exists across the board for Black women. And it’s not to say that Ariana Grande doesn’t deserve a big payday. She does.

But if we are speaking on what’s fair, her payday certainly should not have have exceeded Queen Bey’s.

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  1. LOL Lukies blackspanation

  2. Not so, Don Miller! Beyoncé was paid less by Netflix, however she negotiated and owns the exclusive rights of her performance which is why she was able to then sell it to Netflix to create a documentary and separate album from it! While Ariana received a one time pay day, Beyoncé literally flipped that one opportunity into three…while flawlessly immersing black culture into what had been a historically non black venue (at least from a performer’s standpoint)…and many young black women benefited as well (shall we count that as a quadruple flip…I think we shall)! Not to mention the potential ripple effect of each individual who played a part in the performance. Queen Bey for the win AGAIN!

  3. Brian Ceder

    This is silly at best and not sure if this is a problem. The army of seasoned entertainment negotiators predominates white lawyers from Beyonce just constructed a different deal with maybe less money upfront but a great deal for sure. These are the Carters (Billionaire family) this is not Rhonda and Glenn doing there best to make ends meet in a whitemansplantation. Beyonce can stay home and make 8 million dollars in hours. We need to be careful not to scream fault play so often that even black like me call it BS.

  4. Why are artist performing and why are fans supporting this event if the owner has RACIST ties to hate organizations? Hmmmmmm….?

  5. Beyonce was smart enough to get rights to out her show on Netflix

  6. Pam Stewart

    A better question is why anyone is doing (going to) Coachella at all given that the owner supports hate organizations financially. Doesn’t participation provide him more money for his hate?

  7. My question to you is how do you even know that and why not called them each an asked them how they

    My question to you is how do you even know that and why not called them each an asked them how they feel about that

  8. Seriously???

  9. Looks like Ariana is just more intelligent or a better negotiator.
    I’m sure she didn’t say I’ll do it for 1 million after which the show people said
    ” no, let us pay you 8 million because your skin is lighter.
    Why is everyone creating silly race issues when there are real ones out there.

    • Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      Thanks for the whitemansplanation.

    • Because there is a “ Silly Race Issue “ .

    • I agree she is a very beautiful smart intelligent entertainer however how dare you belittle Beyoncé

      I agree she is a very beautiful smart intelligent entertainer however how dare you belittle Beyoncé who’s been around much longer and who has been copied by the younger generation as she admit that she has some of her ideas from the older generation

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